From Kunal Rawal To Balenciaga And Gucci, Delve Into The Musical Preferences Of Top Fashion Minds With Their Playlists


I’m known for having peculiarly odd hobbies. And I also spend a truckload of time on Spotify. You should follow me there. Clearly not known for being subtle though. So last week, while casually browsing through playlists and profiles and albums, I unexpectedly stumbled upon a Balenciaga playlist titled ‘Fittings Room Playlist.’ Identifying as a devoted fashion geek, my heart did a wishful flip as I searched for the verification badge. And there it was, shining in all its blue octagonal glory.

Upon treading down a rabbit hole of finding more legit fashion houses’ playlists, I encountered quiet luxury front runner The Row, Italian maison Gucci and multiple big names on the streaming platform. So, if the prospect of stalking Demna and other top fashion minds’ musical palette tickles your fancy, keep reading for a download of their playlists below.

Kunal Rawal

At his show at India Couture Week 2023, Kunal Rawal’s super successful presentation with Ranbir Kapoor as the showstopper generated much furore and we didn’t expect any less from it. But to our surprise, an equally, if not more big a standout, was the fantastical show music inspired by Punjabi tunes which were synced in with today’s beats had the audience (including me) grooving like no one’s watching. Created by Akshay and IP Singh, the personalised show music is now available on multiple platforms to stream and thus, we’re grabbing our nearest earbuds now!


The very fact that Demna listens to Sade, Tamino and Lana Del Rey had me jumping on the mattress. I’m a big fan of the aforementioned artists and the overlap in tastes served as a pump of serotonin to say the least.

Balenciaga has several playlists on their page with their most recent ‘Fittings Room Playlist’ housing a selection of tracks their creative director listens to, while styling models in the house’s new collections. Their profile also features a ‘Balenciaga Show Music’ playlist which is a complication of scores by artist BFRND that were specifically created for Balenciaga’s runway shows.

The Row

With a heavy serving of blues, hints of rock and soul, the American luxury label helmed by the Olsen twins is probably the most up-to-date fashion brand on the platform. With 40 public playlists stretching back from the pandemic months (April 2020 to be specific) to now, i.e. July 2023, there’s a lot to stream.

Timeless and classic just like the brand, the musical spectrum highlighted via the playlists runs congruent to the brand’s offerings, in my opinion at least. Also, The Row happens to be the most popular brand on our list with over 35 thousand followers on the app. At this point, they should just start a band.


Prada is strictly business. With a no frills presence, courtesy playlists for every collection spanning from their womenswear, menswear and holiday edits, one could call Prada the snobby, more pretentious counterpart of the lot. I have scoured each and every playlist of theirs and couldn’t find a single artist I was familiar with. Maybe it’s time to diversify my taste. Thanks for the revelation, Miuccia!


Fun Fact: Gucci Flip Flops by Bhad Bhabie was my jam back in high school. While the Dr. Phil grad and Gucci have nothing in common, I just wanted to subject you to that unnecessary piece of information.

Anyways, talking about Gucci’s music taste, their last 3 playlists have been interestingly supervised by British music producer Mark Ronson, as specified on their bios. It’s groovy, it’s upbeat and very Italian. Something you’d play at a pool party on a bright summer afternoon. Harry Styles would certainly approve, without a doubt. Ha Ha Ha. Geddit?

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