9 Travel Essentials To Add To Your Beauty Bag

Travel Essentials toiletries

Travelling light is a noble yet elusive goal. You need to have travel essentials and extras handy if you love to present your best version even while doing the annoying touristy stuff. With beauty, you might feel tempted to pack a toiletries bag, that takes up a big part of your suitcase, even if you are going on a short trip. However, while carrying your essential skincare items, we’re talking about CTM heroes + sunscreen; certain beauty essentials can be switched up to suit effortless travel. The last thing you need while on a relaxing beach or tropical vacation is to lug around a big bag from location to location. Carrying travel-specific products will also ensure you are avoiding any unfortunate spills that might ruin the lovely floral skirt you’ve been meaning to wear!

As a self-proclaimed light traveller who has never asked a single fellow traveller to help with her bags, here are some of my travel essentials; and why they secured a spot in my check-in or carry-ons!

1. Arata Sea Salt Thickening Hair Spray

Travel Essentials hairspray

The beachy, tousled, and voluminous texture that your favourite Instagram influencers flaunt is hardly ever natural. You will need a reliable product to instantly zhush up tired and flat travel hair. This new launch from Arata bottles fantastic ingredients like salt, biotin and niacinamide and offers manageable density to the mane.

2. K18 Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask

Travel Essentials hair mask

Huge jars of hair masks that take the span of a short film to work on your tresses have no business in being a part of your travel vanity. But you need something to prevent your hair from suffering the brunt of salty sea water and chlorine in swimming pools. This revolutionary leave-in hair mask for all hair types by K18 clinically reverses bleach, colour, chemical services and heat damage in just four minutes.

3. Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15

Travel Essentials lip balm

Your regular lip balm may not be up to the task of protecting your pout from a whole day of sunny sightseeing. Specially formulated with avocado and olive oils, this comfortable, non-greasy lip balm from Bobbi Brown contains SPF 15 to offer much-needed sun protection. It comes in a sleek and portable polished silver tin to freely roll around the bottom of your day bag.

4. L’Occitane Volume & Strength Shampoo And Conditioner

Travel Essentials shampoo conditioner

These travel-size bottles will allow you to skip the hotel toiletries and how! Formulated without silicones, the range targets strengthening, detangling and smoothening fine and fragile hair. The lightweight duo effectively cleanses and conditions your mane without weighing it down, lengthening the time between washes.

5. Skin By Dr G Avo Glow Mist

Travel Essentials face spray

Whether or not you use a face mist as part of your daily routine, carrying one on your travels should still be essential. Your skin needs extra pampering to make up for the changes in food and water, air, and weather, plus stay photo-ready no matter the time of day. This nourishing mist from Dr Geetika Gupta is enriched with avocado and bamboo water extracts and hydrates and soothes stressed skin. So, hit refresh on your next golden hour selfie.

6. Simply Nam Microfibre Towel

Travel Essentials face towel

Instead of stuffing multiple makeup-removing wipes in your makeup bag, opt for this reusable microfiber cloth. Used with warm water alone, the vegan towel ensures gentle removal of dirt particles, dead skin cells and makeup from the skin’s surface, lines, and pores. It is also ideal for people who may not trust hotel towels for sensitive skin on the face and neck.

7. Phy Mini Cleanse Duo

Travel Essentials body wash

Body care is often neglected while travelling, especially when the alternative to carrying your own products is hotel soaps and body washes which can be overly drying to the skin. This travel-size pack of two sulphate-free body washes will ensure that you are indulging in a refreshing bath after the end of a stressful day.

8. Forest Essentials Travel Size Intense Perfumed Body Mist Sunehre Din

Travel Essentials perfume

An exquisite fragrance with Rose Absolute at heart, this 10ml travel spray can be conveniently carried in your day bag. The blend of refreshing ingredients makes it an invigorating body mist that’s a refreshing pick for any trip.

9. Indulgeo Essentials OUCH Exfoliating Dry Facial Cleanser

Travel Essentials cleanser

It is often recommended to steer clear of exfoliation while travelling as you never know how your tired skin will take it. But after a couple of days out and about in the sun, your skin can start to look dull. Instead of carrying your acids, pack some of these pouch powder exfoliators to quickly polish off clogged pores for a renewed glow.

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