Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer ’24: A Nostalgic Ode to the 90s Runway Magic

milan fashion week

In the heart of Milan, where cobblestone streets meet cutting-edge couture, Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024 embraced the 90s’ audacious spirit with a modern twist. 

Sabato De Sarno, the mastermind behind Gucci‘s revival, orchestrated a grand return for the house, infusing the brand with a blend of nostalgia and innovation. Meanwhile, at Bottega Veneta, Matthieu Blazy, wove magic, transforming traditional materials into avant-garde masterpieces. The runway not only showcased fashion but also personalities, with models exuding charm and confidence reminiscent of the iconic 90s era. As Blazy eloquently puts it, “No longer bound by the man-made, they begin to encompass the primal, natural world in what they wear.”

Let’s delve heart-first into the captivating world of Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024. 

A Fiery Renaissance


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Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024 brought with it the resurgence of raging red. Sabato de Sarno’s Gucci presented “Ancora,” a collection heavy on glazed, glossy wine reds. Models strutted in red platform loafers, stilettos, and shorts. Paired with easy-going white shirts and structured blazers, wearability reigned supreme. Prada’s touch was felt through a striking red mesh skirt, adding an edge to elegance. Bottega Veneta showcased bold red footwear, embodying fierce femininity.

milan fashion week

Pastel Whispers

milan fashion week

Kim Jones’s Fendi stole hearts by revisiting the dreamy pastels of Karl Lagerfeld’s 1999 collection. The runway transformed into a canvas of soft baby blues, buttery yellows, and sage greens, invoking a sense of serene sophistication. Each fabric seemed to whisper tales of elegance, draping models like delicate petals in bloom. 

milan fashion week

Jones’ tribute to Lagerfeld celebrated the iconic designer’s legacy while elevating with with elements of a modern fairy tale. This was a journey into a timeless aesthetic, where subtlety met style, marrying history with contemporary allure.

Shimmering Horizons

milan fashion week

Prada and Bottega Veneta turned the runway into a metallic wonderland. Prada, with their metallic skirts in gold and silver, added a touch of opulence to the fashion narrative. Each sway of the fabric caught the light, creating quite the spectacle. 

milan fashion week

Bottega Veneta, under the skilful hands of its designers, crafted gold metallic shoes that mirrored the city’s glamorous skyline. All in all, this fashion week seamlessly merged tradition with innovation, reminding the world that fashion, like metal, could be both timeless and transformative.

Matrix Reimagined

milan fashion week

A return to the iconic Matrix era, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons orchestrated a symphony of structured elegance. Their runway featured long coats that redefined power dressing. Boasting strong shoulders, bold silhouettes, and double-breasted extra-long sleeves, this was a collection that exuded an air of elevated workwear sophistication. 

milan fashion week

Fendi chimed in with smooth-cut leather jackets, and eyelets adding a touch of rebellious luxury to the trend. Pleated trousers, black turtlenecks, and double-breasted suits completed the narrative, creating an ensemble that was both fiercely empowered and undeniably chic. 

Underlying Rebellion

milan fashion week

A daring evolution emerged at the forefront, courtesy of Blumarine‘s creative visionary, Nicola Brognano, who blurred the lines between intimacy and style. Brognano brought forth a tantalising trend: underwear as outerwear. Y2K made a resurgence with butterfly tops and front tie-ups. 

milan fashion week

Delicate lace and satin embraced the skin, while bold ties and whimsical motifs added a touch of audacious charm. This was a celebration of the feminine allure, reminding the world that delicateness and domination could coexist, beautifully and unapologetically.

Sensual Mesh and Lace Extravaganza

milan fashion week

Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 brought forth an intersection of mesh and lace. Prada unveiled a masterpiece: a soft pink jellyfish-like organza dress embodying fluidity and grace creating an aerodynamic allure that was simply mesmerising. 

. milan fashion week

Meanwhile, Giorgio Armani’s ‘Vibes’ collection captured the essence of sophistication. Satin jackets and grey trousers, cropped shirts, and sheer blouses all made an impact. 

Tantalising Tassels

milan fashion week

Tassels took centre stage, transforming garments into whimsical masterpieces. Gucci and Prada led the way with floral shirts and skirts adorned with playful tassels. Meanwhile, Bottega Veneta embraced tassels with flair, enhancing port wine-hued skirts with metal accents and gracing coats with delightful fringes. 

This season’s trends weren’t mere exhibitions; they crafted immersive experiences, weaving stories that ignited the imagination. 

- Jr. Fashion Writer


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