From Bobs To Bangs, Here Are The Haircuts To Wear In 2022

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Hold onto your new year resolutions; it’s time for cruising trendy haircuts for a drastic change. A new year brings with it a sense of renewal, an urge to ditch bad habits in the year gone by and take control of a fresh start. Much has gone down in 2021, and TBH, I think we need a refresher to take on 2022 (with caution, of course). Okay, I kid. The change doesn’t have to be drastic or close to it. Just a fresh and renewed cut would do the trick. And what do you know? We’ve already got our top picks for 2022.

2022 comes with a mixed bag of trends for every hair texture and type. Messy and very chic, these haircuts are also tailored to give natural hair a chance to shine without the added heat and styling mechanisms. Manifesting all things good for the year, here’s our edit of haircuts to spruce up your everyday look.

1. Bangs That Kill


Blunt bangs straight across your forehead is a bold move. But this thick fringe gives you an unleashed sense of power that’s hard to find, and even harder to pull off (if we’re being honest). You need to have a good amount of forehead space for this haircut to suit you and add the right volume to your face. Heavy bangs in the center can be complemented with longer strands or early layers in your length, but bangs make quite an impression anyway. 

2. Can You Draw The Curtains, But Leave Them A Smidge Open?


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If you’re one of the many who don’t really want to make quite that big of a change yet, grown out and textured curtain bangs might just be your calling. They frame your face perfectly and add an extra dose of volume right in the front. Grown out curtain bangs can be a singular length or short in the middle – progressively getting longer towards the sides. Plus, this is a trendy haircut that everyone is wearing.

3. Did You Say Thick Bobs? I’m In!


As a connoisseur of bobs (I think that’s a thing), I can vouch for the fact that thick bobs are so chic and stylish, it makes me feel like a queen. This is a haircut that looks sleek and sharp, working well with a side or a centre part. If you don’t have a thick head of hair, extensions are always an option (and no, you do not need extensions solely to increase the length of your mane).

4. Spoiler: 90’s Throwbacks Are Here


A popular cut in the ’90s with a whisk of slight layers towards the bottom of your length is making a strong comeback. This hairdo adds movement, shape, and the slight volume you crave. This haircut will vary a bit according to each individual’s hair texture. But if your current style needs a sprinkle of glitter, get rid of your blunt ends and follow us into the ’90s.

5. Scooby Doo, Where’s Shag?


Shag haircuts are still staking its claim in 2022! It still holds its spot as one of the favs by consensus. Low maintenance and able to give off a nonchalant vibe, this layered look can be styled with or without bangs. Its ability to work with several different hair textures makes it extremely popular. 

6. Let’s Mixie This Up


A marriage between a short mullet and a pixie haircut, this short pixie crop has long edges, which results in a soft frame for your face. The Brooklyn cool girl energy this haircut gives off, *chef’s kiss*, the vibes are immaculate. If you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, this haircut is plenty versatile.

7. Drape Me Away


This haircut can look kind of like grown-out curtain bangs, but it’s actually whole different ball game. This 70’s inspired fringe cut boasts a thick chunk of the front of your hair framing your face like a first layer, followed by a straight length or longer layers after that. A slightly off-centre part suits this look instead of the mainstream centre part.

8. It’s Not ‘Boy, Bye’ Anymore, It’s Bi-Bob

Inspired by French hairdressing (and giving us MAJOR Emily in Paris vibes), the bi-bob is the 2022 version of the staple bob. It accentuates the bi-level areas of the face, i.e., the eyes and cheekbones. For example, a bob with a heavy fringe and some rough-drying can help get you the look.

9. Mid-Length Haircuts All The Way


Grazing your shoulders, this in-between length can be complemented with curtain bangs or even a heavy fringe. A straight cut or light layers can accompany this haircut. It’s formal when it needs to be but can be extremely playful and chic when styled differently.

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