Turkish Dramas Have Us Indians In A Chokehold And Here Are Some Available For Streaming


I have a confession. Indian shows don’t cut it for me anymore. Before you guys come for me, let me start by stating that I’m an escapist by nature. I want to be anywhere but here. Explains my allegiance to period romances and Turkish dramas. While the allure of Keira Knightley fighting back tears in a corset and bustle is no news, let me introduce you to the other half of my obsession, rooting in Turkey.

Turkish dramas are the perfect antidote to your what to watch woes. These shows possess the charm to satiate all your entertainment needs and additionally, the cultural overlap is seductive for a potential viewer. Hence, if you’re looking to give Turkish dramas a shot, look no further and skim through our list of options that are available for streaming in India.


When Ahsu, an Istanbul-based psychology lecturer travels to Adana for work, she makes the decision to confront her grandfather, who abandoned her mother many years earlier. While there, she finds herself in the company of people who worship ahmaran, a legendary hybrid of a woman and a serpent who worshippers believe will fulfil a historical prophecy. She then meets a mystery man named Maran and his presence changes her life.

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Bizim Hikaye (Our Story)

Shameless doesn’t only have an American spin-off but also a Turkish version and you need to add it to your watchlist asap! The story chronicles the hectic life of Filiz, the eldest daughter in the Elibol family. After her mother left the working-class household, she was left in charge of caring for her five younger siblings whilst dealing with her alcoholic father Fikri. Courtesy the hardships in her life, Filiz is of the belief that there is no room for love in her life, until she meets Barş, a young guy who will do anything for her and her family in an effort to win her over.

Watch here.

The Gift

Taking Turkish dramas a notch higher in terms of storytelling and production, The Gift helmed by Netflix is based on a novel by Şengül Boybaş. Atiye, a painter in Istanbul embarks on a personal journey as she unearths universal secrets about an Anatolian archaeological site and its link to her past. There’s the element of supernaturalism, a rarity from a Turkish production which makes it a must watch in case you’re willing to diversify your palate.

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Kara Sevda (Endless Love)

Considered to be one of the biggest Turkish dramas ever, Kara Sevda managed to lure people in from not only India but also Spain, Australia, Pakistan and the likes. It’s an old-school boy meets girl romance through and through. I mean, look at the poster. Nicholas Sparks must be proud. Their family backgrounds differ and thus, there’s a falling out. She’s rich, he’s not. Throw in some corporate drama and a heavy serving of saviour complex, too. And a lot more, which we wouldn’t want to spoil for you readers.

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Bir Baskadir (Ethos)

The story revolves around Meryem, a part-time cleaner from a traditional family who lives on the outskirts of Istanbul. She has fainting spells and sees Peri, a psychiatrist with a very different background from Meryem’s. Peri is educated, wealthy, and secular, and she has prejudices against those who practise open religion.

The series features a wide range of characters, all of whom are connected to Meryem in some way, including a hodja (a teacher) and his closeted gay daughter, a rich but depressed playboy, a middle-class Kurdish family, a soap opera actress, a rape survivor, an ex-soldier, and an intellectual. Critically acclaimed on the ratings grounds, this Turkish drama successfully showcases the diversity of Turkish society and manages to strike a chord.

Watch here.

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