These Women Are Turning Art To Business

The word women has infinite synonyms – a daughter, mother, wife, friend, homemaker, educator, artist, entrepreneur and the list goes on. Name it and the lady knows how to rock each of these roles. Women have always been adaptive – juggling between roles, setting noteworthy examples like no one else. Our women have been constantly empowering multiple domains – may it be art, fashion, media, politics, sports, education, they know exactly – how to fit the bill. Gone are the days when women were required for ALL THINGS EMOTIONS! Women have stepped up the league – we have women maestro’s all over the world.

From exploring art and culture to monetizing the craft, we have you covered with renowned women entrepreneurs, turning art to business –


Costume Designer And A Couturier

Rimple Narulah – with a modern approach to revive fashion – has been the creative mind along with Harpreet Narula, for their brand, Rimple and Harpreet Narula Couture, exhibiting bespoke bridal and occasion wear. Rimple traces her roots from the realm of Indian Heritage, inspired by ancient paintings, murals and mughal motifs. She explores a majestic flair through her maximalist ensemble styles; she has been building a bridge to revive traditional textiles and craft whilst promoting awareness to the masses about the Indian Heritage. Rimple has worked with very prominent faces of the entertainment industry, designing costumes, exhibiting her creative outlook to bring to life various visions of leading directors.  


Fashion Enthusiast


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Sharnamli Mehra Adhar an avid traveller, mother and Co-Founder & Creative Director of Pink Post Inc, she rightly says, “The harder you work, the luckier you get”When she’s not planning the next Pink Post Inc, she’s playing new mommy to her bundle of joy, dreaming of exotic holidays, or simply enjoying some netflix and chill! Exemplifying a vivid experience in fashion and luxury, the brand curates a plethora of luxury brands on the portal. With constant increase in innovation and a fresh approach that budding brand bring – Pink Post Inc is always on the move to find emerging Indian brands. Additionally the brand is constantly on the move to digitise services including exclusive shopping experiences, social media collaboration mainly photo, video, blog content and brand events.  


Visionary Filmmaker


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Karishma Jhalani – a mom, and artistique Art Director curating forms of visual art for Janavi India. She has been conceptualising to build a visual legacy of the heritage crafts of India for the brand – embracing craft. With an imagination so wide – an aesthetic eye for detail, she has been focused on bringing new ideas to the table – Karishma has written and directed, short film, The Waiting Place. The thoughtful narrative bagged Karsihma an award for the film.  




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Gopalika Virmani, a set designer, fashion stylists immersing her ideal into Art – holding a key to aesthetics. Gopalika has been multitasking between her own media house – Multimedia Communications, various magazines and other digital platforms to narrate art through her imagery. With her sense of style and art directory styling avant-garde ensembles, jewels and spaces, she has worked on creating exquisite multimedia with a global reach. 


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