From Classic White to Pastel Pop: 6 Different Types Of French Manicures To Try This Summer!

French Manicures

Weekend TLC with fresh manicure hits different, isn’t it? If painting nail tips can make us feel better, so be it! The best part about nail makeovers, especially French manicures, is that there are many options to choose from, thanks to the newer trends and seasonal releases, there are a plethora of options now, so you’re spoilt for choice. From our classic white french manicure to pastel pops, this is a good way to add an extra layer of glam because who minds prettier hands?

If you are old-school and always end up opting for classic French tips after hours of brainstorming, it’s time now to ditch basics and try something out of the ordinary. To help you get started before you step into a nail salon, here are some of our favourite french manicures you can bookmark. 

1. French Manicures ft. Leopard Art


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Brighten up a typical French manicure with a leopard print. You can even opt for colour combinations of your choice – it needn’t only be brown and black. Think of pink on white or orange on blue, that’s what we are talking about.

2. Cherry On Top


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If you are a bit of a minimalist but need a pop of fun on nails, this one is equal parts quirky and minimal. A perfect pick for summers, you can never go wrong with a dash of pink.

3. Pastel Yellow Double French Tips


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These are just the ideas, it’s all about your creativity. You can keep it basic or go all out. Double layer manicure is a clean way to accentuate long nails. 

4. Colour Block Inverted


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The inverted French manicure is the quirkiest version of the trend to try. We let you decide if you want different colours on all nails or go with a single shade but we strongly recommend trying it at least once this season. 

5. Iced Gel French

Keep it sexy with a sharp gel tip complemented with rhinestones in the middle. While we can’t bring down the scorching heat, we can definitely choose uber-cool manicure designs.

6. Subtle Floating French Manicures

We know that graphic is a hit as an eye makeup trend, translate the idea on nails as well. Floating or negative space manicure looks classic with an element of fun – isn’t the balance we are trying to achieve?

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