Fun Brand Typsy Beauty Talks About Finding Joy In Wearing Makeup

typsy beauty brand

The modern consumer wants more from their beauty hauls. She wants her beauty practices to be aligned with her need and belief system. Typsy Beauty, a new homegrown makeup brand, aligns its ethos with the needs of a modern beauty consumer.  The brand is designed with a unique theme that makes it our go-to brand, especially if you are just starting your journey with makeup and looking for products that are fun, easy to apply, and with bold pigments.

Typsy Beauty Introduces Conceptual Makeup in India

We all want the best for our skin in terms of makeup. And we know that best doesn’t mean expensive. Typsy Beauty is here to bridge that gap where the product is high quality while being easy on the pocket. Compared to the premium brands, the brand provides incomparable quality and a pool of options to choose from at an affordable price. However, joy was the reason that drove Kairavi Bharat Ram – founder of Typsy Beauty to create a makeup brand. It was makeup that brought Kairavi joy when she struggled to keep her mental health intact. Kairavi has always been open about her journey towards mental wellness and how makeup helped her to do so. As a result, Typsy Beauty was founded – with an aim to find your joy in the toughest of times. Here’s to Typsy Beauty inspiring you to uncover self-worth and expression through the joy of makeup!

Typsy’s Brand Ethos

The brand believes that makeup doesn’t need to be boring or expensive. You do you and enjoy it while you’re at it. Each product echoes the perfect state of ‘happy high’, and makeup should exactly do that for you! It promotes performance-driven, efficient and easy-to-use makeup products. You can expect the sporadic coloured lipsticks and vibrant eyeshadows that brands (usually) tend to shy away from.

typsy beauty cha ching blush

Taking themes to a whole new level is the Cha-Ching blush. Comprising exotic shades with intense pigments, it gives that snatched look you need to put your feed on fire! Packaged like a credit card, it’s dedicated to the hustlers and girl bosses who stun, sizzle and shine!

typsy beauty

Similarly, the Pop Fizz Clink champagne eyeshadow palette is a classy mix of shades that you need to add to your kit. The palette can be your go-to to achieve a classic look for that candlelight dinner or a party with your girl gang. The packaging speaks for itself. It’s fun and innovative, something that deserves to be on the ‘gram.

Inclusive All The Way

Inclusive brands and inclusive makeup is no longer only about skin tone and the basic shades. Inclusivity is about approaching makeup with a gender-neutral approach and making it wearable for everyone who enjoys applying makeup. The brand believes that the Indian beauty industry is now thriving to be a more inclusive space across genders, sizes, and skin tones.


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‘Everyone talks about natural beauty but there’s no harm in applying that little bit of makeup if it makes you feel powerful from within,’ says Kairavi. The creator reveals that makeup liberated her during her difficult times. She suffered from clinical issues from a very young age, and her interest in makeup pushed her to focus on creating this unique brand. Makeup gave her the confidence to start her own page, create content and subsequently, create a brand that would be at par, if not better, than international beauty brands.

A brand with heart and soul is hard to find, but here, we see real people making and using it. Pouring her own experience into this brand, the brand works closely with real people, and believes that make-up should be fun, uncomplicated and meant for everyone. Let your creativity shine with Typsy.

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