Ubtans Are The Age-Old Secret To Healthy Skin And Here’s Why You Should Try Them Out


I’m not the biggest fan of DIY skincare remedies, no matter how natural they happen to be. However, an age-old secret has been passed down from one generation of women to another has got me intrigued. This secret has been responsible for smooth, radiant and supple skin— all of this, naturally. Say hello to ubtans. Tracing their roots back to the times of our great-great-great grandmothers, ubtans have always been around to cleanse, smoothen and brighten your skin.

What Are Ubtans?


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Ubtan is a powder made with natural and readily-available ingredients such as flower petals, herbs and even spices! A typical recipe for ubtans also involves different flours ranging from gram flour, which happens to be a classic favourite to rice flour too. These ingredients are mixed together with a binding agent depending on the skincare concerns you’re targeting. Over the years ingredients like milk, honey, and pulps from different fruits have all been used in ubtans to deliver healthy skin.

What Are The Benefits Of Ubtans?

Due to their consistency, which is a little grainier compared to your usual cleansers, ubtans double up as a facial/body cleanser along with a gentle exfoliator too. It offers your skin and body a deep cleanse, getting rid of all the dirt and grime that has been accumulated. Ubtans also help you slough away dead skin cells to reveal softer skin and in some instances have aided with hair removal too. With regular use, one can feel their skin becoming smoother and healthier.

Here are a few ubtan powders that you need to check out—

Light Up Beauty Flash Facial And Body Powder Wash

A unique blend of goat’s milk that is enriched with lactic acid, pumpkin seeds, marigolds, hibiscus and rose, Light Up Beauty’s Flash Facial and Body Powder Wash buffs your skin along with revitalizing it too. This combination of powerful ingredients also effectively battles pigmentations and imparts a natural glow over time.

Kama Ayurveda Ubtan Soap-Free Cleanser


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Kama Ayurveda’s Ubtan Soap-Free Cleanser comes packed with the goodness of oatmeal, green gram, neem, almond and turmeric. It exfoliates your skin and helps you balance out any excessive oiliness. This ubtan polishes your skin leaving it feeling softer than before.

Forest Essentials Facial Ubtans


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A plethora of ingredients like rose, lemon peel and turmeric make the Facial Ubtan by Forest Essentials a must-have. It penetrates deep enough to stimulate the underlying tissues of your skin and clarify it. These ingredients work in tandem with each other to diminish fine lines, neutralize oil production and reveal radiance.

The Tribe Concepts Ubtan Body Cleanser

Rose petals, manjistha and sandalwood are the star ingredients of The Tribe Concepts Ubtan Body Cleanser. This one works best with milk, it gets rid of the blackheads while minimizing the appearance of your pores. If you deal with incessant tanning, this ubtan also helps your skin detan slowly over time.

Nat Habit Fresh Daily Ubtan


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A multifunctional product that acts like a facial cleanser, exfoliator and a face pack, Nat Habit’s Fresh Daily Ubtan works effectively to help your skin deal with a variety of issues ranging from excess production of sebum to clearing blemishes and pigmentation. Nourishing ingredients like gram flour, milk, yogurt, wild turmeric and rose ensure your skin is always looking bright and feeling healthy.

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