ELLEExclusive: Turkish Actor Uğur Güneş On His New Show Selahaddin Eyyubi Which Is Getting A Hindi Version

Uğur Güneş

Indians are voracious consumers of media in all its forms, and we’ve now trained our sights on Turkish drama content. And that hot people make regular appearances in every Turkish show just makes it easier, right? Allow us to introduce the very talented Uğur Güneş. Having shot to fame due to his portrayal of Tugtekin Bey in Diriliş: Ertuğrul, his nascent renown here, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Having taken home the prestigious Best Actor of the Year award by the Ankara Ministry of Youth, his new project Selahaddin Eyyubi, is set to release globally, with a Hindi version, honouring the already established fanbase of such shows in the country. Here’s what he had to say, when quizzed about his new show and connect to India.

ELLE: Tell us about your experience working on the sets of Selahaddin Eyyubi.

Uğur Güneş: Working on such a set was a great experience for me where we had a big and magnificent plateau. Wearing those costumes and breathing in that atmosphere is bound to be an incredible feeling for an actor. You get to immerse yourself directly into the role. You feel like you’re in that period, the moment the recording starts. It’s an incredible feeling. This is also reflected in the work we do.

ELLE: What were the challenges you faced when trying to get into the skin of an acclaimed historical figure?

Uğur Güneş: Frankly, it was very difficult for me to play such a character. It is a great responsibility to play someone who has shaped history. I do not have the luxury of making any mistakes. I have to carry the weight of the role on the set constantly. Also, the fact that millions of people will watch this project, both excites and scares me. I have to keep the character’s emotion in the right line from beginning to end. This is a very fine line. This character is not just a commander. I have to accurately reflect all his emotions and unknowns to the audience. The slightest mistake can cause the audience to disconnect from the character. That’s why I act very carefully and calculate everything while playing.

ELLE: What can Indian audiences (who might be a little unaware of the history) expect from this grand production?

Uğur Güneş: A great commander and at the same time a great scholar. The audience can see his love for Jerusalem, his faith, his justice, his mercy, the value he gave to people, his magnificent foresight, the messages he gave to all humanity. It also gives insight into hundreds of difficulties he overcame on the way to take Jerusalem, and the self-confidence that he did not turn back from, at any cost.

ELLE: Turkish shows have a massive following in India. Have you ever been interested in the Indian film industry and the allure of Bollywood?

Uğur Güneş: Yes, I am interested. There are very good movies and actors that I like. I find Indian cinema very interesting. I even acted in an Indian video a short time ago and had the opportunity to meet many actors during my visit there. I love my Indian fans very much. Hoping to see them very soon.

Watch the trailer here:

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