6 Celeb Inspired Unconventional Lipsticks You Need To Try

For some, it’s an everyday makeup essential, and for others, it could be a means of expression. We are talking about lipsticks which, sadly, took a backseat during the pandemic with a mask covering our face. Thankfully, we are back at it and there’s no better time to visit quirky, not-your-everyday shades that could make all the difference to your look.

TBH, pinks and reds are no longer the only lip colour options. While a classy red shade is timeless, unusual lip colours are taking over, thank Rihanna! There are more lip colour options than ever, with countless brands working with hues sure to suit your every makeup mood. Celebrities have also ditched reds and nudes, favouring daring shades ranging from goth black to funky blue. You may have your go-to shade of lipstick that you are loyal to, but it’s fun to experiment, isn’t it?

How To Pull Off Unusual Lip Colours?

If you are new to trying these shades or just looking to work with some shades you have been hoarding, these tips will help you work that lip colour.

1. Balance Your Makeup

When working with a bold lip shade, it is essential to make sure that there is no drama elsewhere. The eye makeup should not clash with your lip colour and should be minimal. A neutral eyeshadow or a basic eyeliner would work well

2.  Mix It Up

When trying on a new shade, it might be too bold or bland against your skin. According to your preference, you can make it lighter, darker or add another colour to change up the shade to your liking.

3.  Consider Your Outfit

It is crucial to keep in mind the outfit you will be wearing when trying a different colour to experiment with. The outfit prints or colour must not clash with the lip shade. However, if you like it, wear it.

4. Own It

The most important tip to consider is how you feel while wearing the lip colour. If it feels like you carry it with confidence, that is all you need.

I believe in having fun with makeup, so I can’t get enough of these unconventional lipstick colours.

1. Tranquil Turquoise

Rihanna has pulled off several quirky shades, but this one has our vote for being the most fun of all. If blue is too scary for you, turquoise can be opted as a safer option to keep you from looking like you ate a smurf. Keeping the base matte, blend in brown eyeshadow on your eyelids and add some mascara to define the lashes.

2. Yellow Mellow

Bright yellow is definitely out of the box, and Jennifer Lopez is giving! To ensure it doesn’t wash you off, use a dewy base and bronzer to add some warmth to the skin. Finish it off with a warm-toned highlighter on the high points of the face.

3. Inky Black

Black lips are not always goth or for Halloween, take a cue from Queen B’s vintage look that she wore for her music video. Apply a sharp winged eyeliner with a flush of colour on your cheeks and you’re done. Obviously, strong brows are always recommended.

4. Lovely Lilac

Aishwarya’s lilac lip had mixed reactions from the audience but she did grab the eyeballs on the Cannes red carpet that year. Purple might not seem like a usual lipstick choice, but lilac is! Pair this shade with dark eye makeup to create a contrast. Skip the eyeliner and go for some kohl with oodles of mascara.

5. Camouflage Green

Donning a green lip colour can be tricky. Choosing the correct shade of green to complement your skin tone will help you carry it well. Emerald shades are ideal for you if your skin is cool-toned, and warm-toned skin tones go well with shades like olive green. Opt for brown eyeshadow, add a dash of bronzer, and define the brows to complete the look.

6. Ash Grey

Model Gigi Hadid carried a cool-toned grey lip colour effortlessly. For a dewy base, use an illuminating moisturiser under the foundation, and add mascara and blush for the sun-kissed look letting your lips take centre stage.

Shade Show And Teal By MAC
Shade LB/FB By My Glamm
Shade Night Bird By Sephora
Shade Lilac Mist By Revlon
Shade Trouble By Lime Crime
Shade Punked By Smashbox

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