Understated Jewellery Options To Pick From This Festive Season

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It’s that time of the year. There’s a cheer in the air, there are enough reasons and occasions to pull out, press and wear your finest outfits. If you’re like me, you love a flamboyant kurti with plenty to shine and shimmer but your jewellery? You like that understated. There are many of us that enjoy pairing a vibrant outfit with subtle jewellery. The kind that catches the light softly, adding a sparkle to your ensemble but hardly overpowering it. Looking for some options like these? We’ve got your back.

Here Are Understated Jewellery Options For The Festive Season:

Platinum Evara

The brand has plenty to choose from if you want your jewellery to stand out but not be the only talking point about your outfit. There are rings, bracelets and necklaces and those with a hint of rose gold in them have my whole heart.

Jewellery by Roma Narsinghani

Showing off a little décolletage? This choker adds just the right amount of chic sophistication, lending a golden glow to your skin. Give them something to talk about!

Gold Rush Furbie by Outhouse

Technically, this isn’t jewellery. But when your arm candy is this good looking, it certainly warrants a mention.Beyoncé, Kourtney Kardashian, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have worn this and this one has got our attention as the must-have this festive season.

SimSum Fine Jewellery

I have never met a shoulder duster I haven’t loved. This one featuring diamonds and semi-precious emerald has us reaching for a vibrant outfit, the kind you might find on a Bridgerton set. Complemented by just this. Lady Whistledown would mention us, we bet.

Denim & Diamonds collection By C. Krishniah Chetty Group Of Jewellers

Denim might have a bad rep for being too casual but the versatile fabric doesn’t deserve it. Set it with diamonds and you’ve a winner at hand that goes from boardroom to bedroom with fabulous ease. Office Diwali party is sorted.

Mairaa Fine Jewellery

When you want to amp it up but big stones won’t cut it, hopping on to trends can be a great idea. These bracelets from Mairaa can dial it up with blinding anyone in your social circle and it gets lots of points for that.

Jewellery from Mahesh Notandass

You often associate elaborate jewellery sets with iconic names in the industry so it only makes sense that you’d think that Mahesh Notandass would have nothing for the minimalist. You’ll be surprised. This rose gold bracelet has us making a beeline for their store, and we know we’re not leaving with just one piece.

Jewellery From Anita Dongre

If you’ve loved Anita Dongre’s collections from her fashion lines, you will want to get your hands on the jewellery from her new launch. Featuring delicate motifs interspersed with quirky designs, we already have a couple of pieces bookmarked for the festive season.

DiAi Designs Jewellery

If you’ve been busy as a bee, and need the world to know that, perhaps your jewellery could do the talking. We love this bee earrings and these are going to be on much after festive season is done. Asking for a raise? These could do well to cement your position as the worker bee. Or queen bee. You pick!

House Of Quadri

Some people might say that dainty jewellery has no place in the festive season but this necklace from House of Quadri is here to prove you wrong. We love this delicate piece that you can wear with a lehenga or saree. Expect plenty of compliments and questions about where you got this from.

Gucci Flora

Available only at Gucci stores, this Gucci Flora bracelet and the entire collection actually, will appeal to those looking for pretty jewellery for the festivities. Shiny but just perfectly, this one is a great addition for your jewellery drawer.


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