5 Exciting Biopics We Are Looking Forward To This Year


Biopics are considered a genre on to their own for a reason. Anyone with a decent Wi-Fi plan has to agree that 2022 has been quite a good year for the entertainment sphere as a whole. Not only did avid moviegoers get two of the most highly anticipated superhero movies, Batman and Multiverse of Madness, but the homebodies also got their fair share of rewatchable favourites.

If the swoon-worthy, passion-filled romantic drama Bridgerton wasn’t your cup of tea, the final episodes of Ozark or the latest Stranger Things definitely helped fulfil your appetite for a new and exciting watch.

Still, us true cinema and TV lovers are never satisfied and our hunt for the next world of characters we can immerse our minds into is constant. This is why biopics are one of the most interesting stories to watch. It’s a piece of the real world through someone else’s eyes which helps escapist viewers to take a second look at past or sometimes even present realities.

Whether or not you’re a fan of these iconic personalities they are based on, you can’t help but admit that your curiosity will always get the better of you. Of course, there are discrepancies between the actual incidents and what filmmakers put in for dramatic effect, but the core of the stories remains true. Or at least we hope they do. Here’s a look at some upcoming biopics you should be looking forward to if you’ve been meaning to get a glimpse into their eccentric lives

Biopics To Look Forward To In 2022



I don’t think anyone could have been a better pick than the dreamy Austin Butler to play the titular role. Elvis Presley was known for his relentless but never overbearing charm and Butler exudes the same aura. Add this to the dynamically maximalist touch that Baz Luhrmann’s work is known to have and we are pretty such this will be a memorable homage to one of the greatest stars ever.


Having recently read the novel this biopic is based on, I have to admit that this is the movie on the list I’m most excited about. Marilyn Monroe’s career and charm continues to inspire droves of women hoping to make a name in the entertainment industry. Although we don’t know exactly how in line the plot is with actual history, we can be sure that the Netflix movie will be an interesting and emotional experience perhaps offering insight into the enigma that was Marilyn.


The name is enough for anyone to be drawn to watching this movie. Very few performers embody a personality that has such a vibrant and powerful aura as hers. The movie is going to revolve around the early, more controversial days of Madonna’s career and she is going to have direct input on how the story is told. There still isn’t a set date for the release of the biopic but it has been confirmed that Julia Garner is going to be playing the lead.

Bob Dylan

I just know I’m not the only one who actually feels the dopamine levels in my brain increase when I watch Timothee Chalamet do literally anything. So imagine him playing the eternally charming musician.  Someone as revolutionary as Bob Dylan has got to have a biopic that’s as dynamic as his musical career. Fans are still waiting for a release date but they can rest assured that whenever the film comes out, it’s going to be one for the books.

Audrey Hepburn

Hepburn has been the very embodiment of elegance and timeless beauty for decades. The fact that she is the daughter of a Dutch baroness who was raised under Nazi occupation in the Netherlands means she had quite a unique upbringing. I’m optimistic that her biopic will be an intricate and insightful look at her life as a whole and lead actress Rooney Mara will do justice to her character. The date for its Apple TV release is yet to be announced.

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