In A Twist Of Fate, Varsity Jackets Are Old Enough To Be New Again

varsity jackets

Varsity jackets are revelling in the spotlight, once again. What once found its roots as a symbol of status in 19th century baseball teams has now chiselled its way into the fashion closet, epitomising street-style and taking over runways. Today, these chronicles of style are rewriting history, finding their place in the creation of the past through the lens of the present, Zoya Akhtar’s The Archies (2023). So, before we trace our steps back into the all-too-familiar world of Riverdale, here are 6 fashion moguls who are bringing back a dash of old school.

1. Vedang Raina 

Varsity Jacket
Image via @vedangraina

With wreaths of charm, Vedang Raina (otherwise, the newest Reggie Mantle on the block) is styled in a classic combination of white, yellow and blue, embodying timelessness with a modern twist. Every detail of his Riverdale varsity jacket is dynamic yet debonair, coupled with a white t-shirt and a pair of classic blue jeans.

2. Hailey Rhode Bieber 

Varsity Jackets
Image via @haileybieber

Draped in a neutral palette of black, white and camel, American model Hailey Rhode Bieber brings us an interplay of comfort and couture. In an oversized BOSS varsity jacket, she features in the German fashion house’s #BeYourOwnBOSS campaign, and her look is enough to convince us to embrace the trend.

3. V from BTS

Varsity Jackets
Image via @thv

Lensed in a CELINE varsity jacket, V (Kim Tae-hyung) is our resident heartthrob. With a teenage boy-like charm, he takes centre stage on the high-fashion streets of Paris, exuding an aura that is nothing short of “cute composure.” As the French luxury brand’s global ambassador, he brings a breath of fresh air to his ensemble with a stylish black t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

4. Aditya Roy Kapur 

Varsity Jackets
Image via @adityaroykapur

Styled by Vis A Via co-founder Nikita Jaisinghani, Aditya Roy Kapur dons L’avenir Skins’ navy blue letterman jacket paired with a white shirt and distressed blue jeans. We are here to take notes from his impeccable sense of style.

5. J-Hope from BTS

Varsity Jackets
Image via @uarmyhope

Suited up in a jaw-dropping ensemble, South Korean singer-songwriter J-Hope (Jung Ho-seok) opted for a vintage Avirex leather jacket in the official music video of On The Street, his collaboration with the visionary J-Cole (2023). Blended with a hooded collar and threads of black and beige hues, it is an eye-catching masterpiece.

6. SZA

Varsity Jackets
Image via @sza

Award-winning artist SZA was spotted in New York City sporting a New York Jets letterman jacket. Styled by Alejandra LaPilusa, she’s dressed in a navy and ivory varsity jacket for her genre-bending song Nobody Gets Me (2022).

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