7 Beauty Brands That Are Perfectly Suited To A Vegan Lifestyle

Vegan Beauty

We get it! Transitioning to an entirely vegan lifestyle may not be feasible for every individual out there. However, if you’ve been thinking of taking a trip into the vegan world, starting a tryst with vegan beauty products could be your first step. As beauty consumers, we are slowly but surely making increasingly conscious choices in terms of product formulations, packaging, and even brand ethos.

We’re in times where we don’t need to choose between high performing beauty products and barring animal cruelty. So if you have been looking to make the switch to vegan beauty brands, here are a few that must be added to your beauty stash!

Ruby’s Organics

India’s first organic makeup brand, Ruby’s Organics is also vegan. All of their beauty products are formulated using plant-based ingredients that contain bio-actives which means makeup that loves your skin. If you happen to be someone who loves multi-functional makeup products, look no further!

asa Beauty


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Launched in the midst of the pandemic, asa Beauty is a vegan brand that offers beauty solutions with a hint of luxury. They offer a wide array of nourishing makeup products that range from buttery lipsticks to lengthening mascaras. However, their refillable packaging program makes them stand out.

e.l.f. Cosmetics

A household name when it comes to drugstore beauty products, e.l.f. Cosmetics doesn’t test any of their makeup or skincare products on animals. One seemingly unknown fact about this massive beauty brand is that they also support a variety of organisations that work towards animal welfare. 

The Body Shop

The Body Shop has been setting the standard for beauty products by combining clean, sustainable practices with efficient products. Throughout the years, they have given beauty geeks a vast array of ranges— British Rose to Moringa and of course the Edelweiss range. Along with being vegan, The Body Shop also constantly champions for fair trade and equal pay. 

Juice Beauty

A blend of wellness, skincare and environmentalism— Juice Beauty offers every beauty consumer an organic formulation that shows quick results. A mix of makeup and skincare that’s plant-based and infused with rich antioxidants, this brand is at the forefront of veganism in beauty.

The Switch Fix

The Switch Fix is a clean beauty brand that has been hitting the bull’s eye when it comes to all things sustainability. With 100% vegan products that also have 98% less plastic present in them, the brand offers products that are effective and safe. 

Kiro Clean Beauty


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When conscious beliefs are blended with beauty, a brand like Kiro Clean Beauty is born. Right from luscious lipsticks to pigmented blushes, and even potent serums, this brand does it all! Along with being entirely vegan, Kiro’s products are also infused with a variety of nourishing ingredients.

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