Venus In Retrograde Has A Significant Impact On Your Beauty Decisions. Here’s How

Venus retrograde

Mercury retrograde has been infamous for bringing back toxic ex-partners, causing your technological devices to lose control, and leading to ultimate chaos. However, Mercury isn’t the only planet to go deep into retrograde from time to time. If your life seems to be awry right now, with existential questions surrounding love popping up and sex not feeling as good as it’s supposed to, you’re simply dealing with the consequences of Venus retrograde. After all, who doesn’t enjoy blaming all the problems in their life on planetary movements?

What is Venus Retrograde, Anyway?

Venus is the planet which rules over love, beauty, sex and relationships. Yep, this planet is the IT girl of our solar system. A retrograde takes place when a particular planet appears to spin backwards. This phenomenon has been considered a major celestial shift in astrology since it was discovered. When a planet is in retrograde, it tends to make you question life as you see it, changing long-standing beliefs and opinions. Venus retrograde is an occurrence that takes place every 18 months where Venus stays in retrograde for 40 days and 40 nights.

This time around, things are a little different with Venus retrograde taking place right in the middle of Leo season. To some, this may either be a recipe for disaster while for others it could be a period of enlightenment. Being the planet of beauty and sex, there will be predicted shakeups in those areas of your life. By shakeups, we mean intrusive thoughts that give a blow to your self-esteem, wanting to give yourself a drastic makeover or even fall back into old sexual patterns that you took so long to withdraw from.

Here’s how you can brave the storm that is Venus retrograde—

Don’t Snip Those Bangs


If you haven’t made the impulsive decision of chopping off bangs at least once in your life, then you’re definitely doing something wrong. However, Venus retrograde isn’t the best time to make that choice. Since Venus is the planet that rules hair, making a drastic decision to snip bangs isn’t the best one. Especially if you’re planning to do the deed at home. Additionally, if you’re planning to give your hair a colourful makeover, not the best time to do that either! Getting your usual trims and root or highlight touch-ups doesn’t bode any problems since they don’t involve any extremities.

Try To Strengthen Your Self-Esteem


Despite having a seemingly ‘perfect’ life, I still struggle with self-esteem issues which tend to worsen during this time. Venus being the planet of beauty and aesthetics dictates how we feel about ourselves. It’s no secret that the retrograde periods contribute to crippling feelings of lack of self-worth. Break free from the shackles of these thoughts by being kinder to yourself and by using positive affirmations that strengthen your belief in yourself.

Stay Away From Botox and Fillers


While we’re all for getting Botox or fillers if you want to, we’re strongly against getting these during Venus retrograde. Both Botox and fillers are cosmetic treatments which alter your appearance and with this time period being a risky one, do we really need a botched filler? If you’re keen to try this out, wait for the retrograde period to pass and then schedule an appointment.

Declutter Your Beauty Space

Who isn’t guilty of being a beauty product holder? Chances are that you’ve got multiple lipsticks that you don’t use, expired mascaras and dried-up eyeliners just lying around, taking up excessive space on your vanity. Venus retrograde is the perfect time to declutter your beauty space and get rid of everything that doesn’t serve your purpose, especially beauty products.

Don’t Overspend On Beauty Products

Retrogrades, in general, aren’t the best time to make extravagant purchases. Since these end up being impulsive decisions, very often we buy something we don’t need at all. Yeah, that over-expensive blush which is lying in your cart, you don’t need that at all. Leave all of your lavish beauty expenditures for after the Venus retrograde gets over and the realisation might dawn upon you that you never really needed these products.

- Beauty Writer


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