Versace By Fendi – Fendi By Versace: The Iconic Maximalist Drop Is Here

Fendi By Versace

Last September was a revolutionary month and one for the history books as the fashion landscape saw two mammoths- Versace and Fendi collaborate and give birth to Fendace. We saw fashion journalists, industry insiders, PR reps and buyers eagerly work overtime given the gravity of an event so monumental. And now, history repeats itself with the Versace By Fendi – Fendi By Versace drop that graces online and retail boutiques of both brands spearheaded by a series of global pop-ups that’ll showcase the amalgamation starting on the 12th of May. A capsule of joint Fendace branded looks is also available from both fashion houses.


The Fendi By Versace Collaboration

Kim Jones, Artistic Director Fendi Couture and Womenswear on this collaboration: “It’s a swap rather than a collaboration and, most of all, it is done out of friendship. To which Donatella Versace, Chief Creative Officer Versace concurs by adding, “The campaign captures the same sense of friendship and fun I had when working on this project with Kim, Silvia and the team at Fendi. To me, Fendace will always mean love.”


A lot of the signature motifs and patterns of respective houses have been integrated, and the assemblage also features a mélange of unique elements stating their clear intent to creatively innovate yet respect the customary. Their maximalist tendencies, a trademark blueprint of Versace and Fendi both, is apparent through the seamless integration of Versace’s more-is-more manifesto with Fendi’s accessorizing zest. The alliance features styles like the Fendace Peekaboo and Baguette – that combines the iconic Fendi bags silhouettes with Versace’s codes along with the Fendace La Medusa handbag – where the Fendi FF logo meets Versace’s Medusa.


The collection is a gold and noir fest, propelling the best of the best into the spotlight through a range of signature handbags, dresses, scarves and gem-studded accessories. The flirtatious intermingling of the Fendi monogram with Versace’s sensibilities is effortless as if the brands have had a history spanning decades. From an industry standpoint, it’s just the beginning. The route to fashion synergies has only been laid and they’re just getting started. Here’s a look at the campaign shot by iconic photographer Steven Meisel which captures a sense go-for-it flair together in collaboration with renowned filmmaker, Alex Maxwell:

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