Vespa Dual: Designed To Stand Out

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Whether it was Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck riding the streets of Rome in search of young and carefree love in the iconic 1953 film Roman Holiday or Jennifer Coolidge’s Italian fantasy taking a tumultuous yet comical turn as she rides pillion to her husband in Sicily, played by the actor Jon Gries in the second season of the series, The White Lotus — the one thing that connects their versions of la dolce vita spanning the decades is the impeccably stylish Vespa. The Italian luxury brand of scooters is synonymous with irreverent spontaneity and the elusive Italian dream. It has come a long way from being a design marvel built for getting around Italian cities in the 1940s to representing the contemporary cultural zeitgeist through refined artistic expressions.

The popularity and innovative design of the Vespa propelled its reach to the glossy pages of fashion magazines, photographed alongside the models wearing the finest couture of the season. Driven by innovation and eclecticism, the mention of Vespa continues to conjure up the image of zipping through the roads less travelled in youthful nonchalance while making relevant style statements.

It has dictated trends and transcended frontiers to conquer the world with its distinctive character, timeless design embellished with elevated details and environment-centric technological advances. The range in India is differentiated with the inclusion of special editions and multiple design languages, amplifying the exclusivity of every single version and varied aesthetic elements to cater to every need.

Designed For Dreamers

The latest addition to the luxurious legacy of the Vespa universe is the Vespa Dual — a befitting tribute to the continuation of the youthful spirit of the brand. It celebrates contrasting duality with vivid aesthetics and state-of-the-art design. The vibrant dual colourways are emblematic of the dynamic life of Vespa’s muse — the young, bold and free. It is designed for quintessential dreamers and risk-takers who have an appetite for wanderlust, choose to go against the grain, chase new experiences and turn heads wherever they go.

Vespa Dual VXL: It awakens the notion of modern glamour and reflects the unbridled mystery of the open blue sky. The Vespa Dual VXL sports a dreamy two-toned colour emulating a carefree glide through the clouds in style. The pearl white colour paired with a pristine shade of blue will transcend you to a summer state of mind.

Vespa Dual SXL: This brings the unconventional side of Vespa to the fore while staying true to the claim that ‘there is a Vespa for everyone’. The Vespa Dual SXL takes its aesthetics a few notches above and seeks inspiration from racetracks and speed enthusiasts. It dons two bold colours — a feisty, deep matt black paired with a contrasting white in one and a fiery red offset with a calming white in the other.

To experience the real essence of Vespa, Team ELLE hit the road and took the brand new Vespa Dual VXL for a spin in the maximum city of Mumbai. Its vibrant melange of Azuro Provenza blue with Bianco white proved to be an elevated and bold extension of the effortlessly chic wardrobe memo of the day. It stood true to the claims of innovating beyond the scopes of time-honoured mechanics and earning the ‘it’ accessories status amongst the fashion forward. As we threw caution to the wind in style, the ride transported us to our idyllic summer dreams, an instantaneous respite from the mundane.

With the ultimate showcase of duality, the Vespa Dual range boasts of topping all the charts and carving another iconic niche in the fashion industry as the luxurious must- have ‘accessory’ of every season.

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