Vicky Kaushal And G-SHOCK Come Together To Celebrate 40 Years Of The Brand’s Legacy At Shock The World Mumbai Chapter!

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Mr. Kikuo Ibe, also called the Father of G-SHOCK, invented the sturdy timepiece in 1983. Today, the brand has earned well-deserved loyalty among its consumers due to its revolutionary designs, durability of its watches and its influence in sub-cultures of music, arts, sports and fashion. G-SHOCK’s watches have consistently proved their mettle under all kinds of extreme environments. Boasting countless rugged features such as shock resistance, water resistance, alarm, GPS among many more, G-SHOCK’s watches are a testimony to strength and durability. In 2017, G-SHOCK earned the Guinness World Record for the heaviest vehicle to drive over a watch when a 24.97-tonne truck was driven over the Casio G-SHOCK DW5600E-1. The watches have been made to withstand mechanical stress, extreme weather conditions and harsh environments.

Vicky Kaushal

The brand celebrated its remarkable 40-year legacy with the announcement of the return of the ‘Shock The World’ event to Mumbai after an 11-year hiatus. Another laurel in the basket was the appearance of G-SHOCK’s new brand ambassador, Vicky Kaushal at the event where ELLE spoke to the star on his association with the values of the brand.

ELLE: Tell us some of the qualities you look for in your watch.

Vicky Kaushal (VK): Apart from telling the time accurately, I look for durability and toughness. I also personally prefer a watch that can be sported for a wide range of occasions.

ELLE: How does the G-SHOCK work with your styling choices?

(VK): My personal style is subtle and classic, and high on comfort as I feel clothes need to be your second skin. G-SHOCK resonates totally with that as their designs are an all-time classic, and I can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

ELLE: How would your pair your G-SHOCK for a night out?

(VK): If it’s a casual dine-out, you’ll catch me rocking my go-to pair, the GA-140, paired with a classic shirt and some comfy denims. For a formal gathering, I would opt for the timeless all-metal charm of the GM-B2100, complemented by a sharp formal tuxedo for that crisp look.

ELLE: What is your take on being punctual and on time?

(VK): Being punctual, it’s not just about ticking off minutes on the clock; it’s about honouring your own word and showing respect for other people’s time. Punctuality, to me, is a form of politeness.

ELLE: What are the values G-SHOCK shares with you?

(VK): To never let you down!

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