Victoria’s Secret Opens Its First Full Assortment Store In Mumbai & We Can’t Keep Calm

Victoria's Secret

Whenever my NRI relatives would come to visit India, I would always annoy (but successfully convince) them to get me a bag of undergarments from Victoria’s Secret. So, when I heard the brand was launching a full assortment store in India, my first thought was FINALLY!

Yes, you heard that right! The new Victoria’s Secret store is located at Phoenix Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, in Mumbai. The store features a wide selection of the brand’s signature bras, panties, popular fine fragrances, scents, mists and sleepwear across a multitude of collections featuring the newest Dream Angels and Victoria’s Secret PINK Wear Everywhere Bra Collection, all under one roof!

Complimentary, appointment-free, personalised one-on-one bra fitting appointments with specially trained Bra Fit Experts will be available at the new store because honestly, what’s worse than donning an ill-fitted bra? In addition, the store will offer a diverse range of size-inclusive undergarments ranging from 32A-38DDD in a range of lining levels, including unlined, lightly-lined, and push-ups along with special bras for all you mamas-to-be out there. Victoria’s Secret is currently committed to inspiring women with products and experiences that uplift and champion their journeys while creating lifelong relationships and advocating for positive change.

We caught up with Victoria’s Secret’s Global Spokesperson to get all the juicy deets around the store launch and experiences, along with the brand’s take on inclusivity.

ELLE: Tell us a bit about the collection that has launched at the store.

The collection in the India store is the same as the collections we have in our stores in the United States and globally. We call it a global assortment. The customers here will have access to all the same bras and lingerie that everybody else does. We have our Very Sexy collection and Dream Angels collection that will be available in-store, two really well-received collections that our customers across the world love! In fragrances, you will definitely see Bombshell and all of her sisters – Bombshell Seduction, Bombshell Passion, and Bombshell Oud; they are all available in store. We also have some loungewear from Victoria’s Secret and some loungewear pieces from our PINK brand.

Victoria's Secret

ELLE: People in India have access to Victoria’s Secret fragrances. But the lingerie is launching for the first time in India. So what can people expect?

They should expect a really great in-store experience. When you walk into the store – it’s bright, it’s light, it’s easy to navigate, you will see the different collections displayed around the store, and the biggest thing we have in store is our bra fitting specialists!

ELLE: Is there anything unique in terms of services at the new store?

Yes! Two things; one is definitely the bra fitting experience; we specially train our associates to do bra fittings and to really walk the customers through their preferences and match those preferences to a bra that actually fits well. The second is that this store has a futuristic concept. This is only the fourth store internationally that has adopted this concept, and I think that in itself is super special.

ELLE: Can you explain in detail the in-store experience you have for consumers?

First, when you walk up to the store, you will see our name on the storefront, in both the local language and English, then there is video content playing right in the front of the store, so you will begin to get a glimpse of what the season campaign is. You walk into the store and will be hit first with the lingerie collections that we are featuring. Right now, we are featuring, ‘Very Sexy’. Then when you stand at the front of the store, you can look right or left. To the left is PINK and to the right is more of the Victoria’s Secret Brand, so you can choose to walk either way; you walk in a circle around the store, you will go room to room, passing by various collections, the beauty section is behind the lingerie – so it’s a nice journey around the store.

ELLE: The VS Collective has members that come from different walks of life. What was the idea of bringing these diverse women together?

Our mission at Victoria’s Secret is to be the leading advocate for women, and we felt it was really important to work with people who maybe we hadn’t in the past and really bring a diverse set of experiences to the forefront. We want to learn from them. We want to know what influences them; it makes us better as a brand to unite those women and gives them a platform to communicate positive change because they all have something to say.

ELLE: What are your future plans?

In India specifically, we are already planning on opening a second store in Delhi that will open at the end of the year and then on; we want to have a really strong partnership with customers in India, and I think that will really help set the pace in terms of how we grow.

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