Virgio Launches A Truly Circular Valentine’s Day Edit With Recycled Fabric


Virgio, a homegrown fashion start-up is here with its latest Valentine’s Day collection, ‘The Date’. The collection is an eco-conscious masterpiece made entirely of 100% recycled polyester. A limited-edition Valentine’s Edit that aims to reinvent romance with beautiful recycled fabrics, elegant and bold styles, an engaging story, and detailed embellishments. Sustainable at its core, the brand stands firm in its refusal to let tons of polyester contribute to landfills, demonstrating a dedication to sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Each piece in this collection is expertly created, with curved seams that hug and highlight the wearer’s shape. By using recycled materials, Virgio has reimagined fashion with a conscience, demonstrating that style and sustainability can coexist.

The inspiration behind the collection is Moulin Rouge which encapsulates romance, drama, passion, and a distinct flair for fashion. The collection leans in heavily on new age love, which is brave and embraces one’s feelings in their most raw form. ‘The Date’ is an ideal choice for anyone looking to make a statement while remaining environmentally mindful.

“At Virgio, we believe in fashion that transcends trends and embraces responsibility. ‘The Date’ collection is not just about celebrating unfiltered love; it’s a celebration of conscious choices. By using recycled polyester, we hope to inspire the youth to make a shift towards sustainable fashion, proving that every small step can make a significant impact. This collection is raw, unfiltered, and irresistible—just like love,” shares Amar Nagaram, the CEO & Co-founder.

In ‘The Date’ collection, each dress transparently displays its environmental footprint, promoting conscious consumerism in material choices. This commitment extends to eco-friendly packaging made of recycled material as well. “We prioritize ethical practices by collaborating with Indian partners who share our values, ensuring fair labor practices and responsible sourcing.” Virgio is a holistic embrace of transparency, ethics, and environmental mindfulness in every aspect of their creations.

“The Date” collection is available at

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