Watch: How well does our March cover star Deepika Padukone know millennial slang?

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Our March cover star Deepika Padukone ‘slays’ this game, and it looks like she is an MVP at millennial slang. Tune in to find out if Deepika can figure out Finsta


Editor-in-chief: Supriya Dravid; Videographer: Nirvair Singh Rai; Styling: Malini Banerji; Art direction: Prashish Moore; Hair:Yianni Tsapatori from Faze Management India; Make-up: Sandhya Shekar; Production: P Production; Assisted by: Rupangi Grover (Styling), Tejaswini Sinha, Sejal Goyal (Intern); Location Courtesy: The Standard Maldives, Huruvalhi Maldives


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