We Asked An Astrologer To Spill On All The Major Events Happening Next Year (And It’s A Biggie)

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2022 is quickly approaching and we can’t wait to find out what the stars have in store. Whether you’re big on astrology or not, you can’t deny that sometimes, there’s something inexplainable in the air. Whether you’re having an incredible day or the worst luck on earth, we feel like the powers that be (in the sky, that is) usually have something to do with it. Below, we chat to astrologer Tash Weber to get the lowdown on the major astrological events happening in 2022. Then, we fill you in on some unfortunate news that Mercury will be in retrograde four times (yes, you read that correctly). Read on for everything you need to know.

What Are The Major Astrological Events In 2022?

Read on for Tash’s breakdown of the major events taking place in the sky next year.
2022 sees eclipse season in two new signs – Taurus and Scorpio. These eclipses bring change with a capital ‘C’, which can be discombobulating. Eclipses tend to shake up and wake up, though. So if a change is needed, an eclipse has the power to make it happen! But every eclipse cycle is slightly different, depending on the signs hosting them.
In Taurus and Scorpio, we will be motivated to change our moneyscape, as we think hard about what brings us financial security. Sexuality is also up for review. What or who grants sexual satisfaction and how comfortable we are with our sexuality is also highlighted. But these two signs are battling between each other – Taurus represents tradition and maintaining the status quo, while Scorpio pushes for transformation. Will we sit back in our comfort zone, or will we step boldly forward to embrace the future?
The signs most affected by 2022’s eclipse seasons in May, October and November are Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.
Another key astrological event in 2022 is the meetups between Saturn and Neptune. This planetary duo ensures that mental health discussions and issues will dominate our media and be a hot topic of conversation around our dinner tables.

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2022

You didn’t think you’d make it through the whole year without a retrograde, did you? According to experts, 2022 will see a record-breaking four retrogrades (we typically experience three a year). Astrology Zone predicts the first to hit on the 14th January and last until the 3rd February. The second will last from the 10th May to the 2nd June, the third from the 9th September to the 2nd October and the lucky last from the 29th December to the 18th January, 2023.
Overwhelmed? Same, and it hasn’t even happened yet. As with any retrograde, we can expect anything from technological failure to relationship breakdowns and general chaos. Fun! The best tips for staying calm amid the storm are to double, no triple check any and all forms of communication and to try to stay as patient and flexible as possible with your plans. If all else fails, just grin and bear it, we’re all in it together.

Venus Retrograde

Mercury retrogrades aside, we’ll be kicking 2022 off with Venus in retrograde (from the 19th December to the 29th January), but fear not, this is actually a good thing. It’ll help us get clearer on what it is we want in the longterm, particularly when it comes to our relationships and finances. Use this time to figure out what you want from these areas, and while it may be painful at times, it’ll set you up for a stronger year.

Mars Retrograde

You may not have heard of this one, but the Mars retrograde will be hitting around Halloween. This planet is a fiery one, and rules the way we express passion and anger, so it’s typically a low-motivation, high-exhaustion point of the year. Cut yourself some slack during this time, after all, the planets are working against you.

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