Is AI The Future Of Big Fat Indian Weddings? At Conrad Pune, You Can Experience It

Conrad pune weddings

IMO Indian weddings are as taxing as weddings can get. Themes, locations, fashion, food. The idea of entering a brand new life in most cases, is a gateway to Bridezilla. What one wishes to be doing in lieu is, being away from the chaos. A luxurious escape is coveted at this point – indulging in invigorating experiences followed by a refreshing dip in the pool before a scrumptious meal to end the day – sounds ideal. Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings. The process, the choices, the non-negotiable rituals and above all the plethora of good old food platters is an absolute win-win. Although, if I were offered a magic wand to subtract the stress from it all, you know my answer to that.

Compellingly enough, the flagship luxury hotel for Hilton Worldwide in India, unveiled one such magic wand. The Wedding Studio at Conrad Pune is a luxurious and state-of-the-art space that brings together exceptional expertise, AI technology, AR experiences and a team of industry leaders to create an unforgettable wedding experience. Making it the ultimate venue for couples seeking incomparable wedding expertise. The Hilton chain of hotels has long held the title for curating an opulent travel experience for all their guests besides the cutting-edge facilities at all their properties. It is no surprise that Conrad rolled out an AI first wedding studio model and set iconic standards as the industry’s first. “We take immense pleasure in announcing the inauguration of our super-anticipated Wedding Studio at Conrad Pune. Understanding the complexity and overwhelming nature of planning an Indian wedding, we have carefully curated a one-stop solution that caters to every detail.” shared Abhishek Sahai, General Manager, Conrad Pune. A lush and luxurious escape to plan the wedding of my dreams? To get a feel of what the wedding day would truly look like? Well, sign me up!

Conrad pune

Multiple industry front runners, designers and planners come together to provide an exceedingly personalised experience for couples looking to make the most of their big day. Choosing from over a thousand themes, arrangements and decor options while experiencing it all first hand during the planning stage is an exciting route to pre plan the festivities. Thanks to AI and the ingenious team at Conrad Pune. The Wedding Studio has opened exclusive doors for luxury brands and jewellery designers to showcase their latest collections, making this venture a spectacular success. Paired with exceptional hospitality, world-class fine dining and magnificent venues. The designer attic features mannequins adorned with stunning bridal collections. This full-fledged fashion boutique tailored for wedding wear and accessories is designed to cater to every bride and groom’s dream of looking and feeling their best on their special day. The lounge-like ambiance of the studio offers a relaxing experience, equipped with an adjoining meeting room, LED TV, high-end cutlery, and linen racks.

Conrad pune

Amongst the myriad offerings at Conrad Pune and the glorious views of Pune city, a favourite is the Ayurvedic Massage at their in-house spa with private steam and sauna rooms. The award-winning restaurants including Koji, Al Di La and Coriander Kitchen offer a delectable spread of thoughtfully curated cuisines coupled with a unique selection of cocktails from an exclusive collection of spirits. An attentive and exemplary blend of hospitality to kickstart the milestone celebration guarantees to make this event of a lifetime, a truly magical one.

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