Wednesday Addams’ Makeup Artist On Perfecting Soft Gothic Look On Jenna Ortega

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams seems to be taking over everybody’s watch lists lately, and rightfully so. The recent Netflix adaptation helmed by Tim Burton has done a stellar job at showcasing the iconic character in all of her glory. Jenna Ortega has embodied Wednesday’s minuscule characteristics and wardrobe in a way that nobody else would’ve been able to. However, while there’s never-ending chatter surrounding her Pinterest-worthy wardrobe, we’re here to talk about her soft goth makeup created by the makeup artist Tara McDonald that seems wearable for us normies too!

Throughout the show, Wednesday is never seen without her quintessential long braids, signature death stare and obviously her gothic makeup, which is the show’s highlight, apart from her wisecracks. A not-so-pale base that seems natural enough to let Ortega’s natural freckles show along with subdued gothic eyes are what begin to ensure this makeup look stands out. The star of the show is her bold, burgundy lip that looks rebellious and is the ultimate symbol of Wednesdaycore. 

Wednesday Addams Look Breakdown

In a conversation with ELLE India, Tara reveals, “I wanted to achieve a gothic flavour, as opposed to a full-fledged gothic makeup look. So keeping it edgy with a hint of glossy was the plan.” She also confesses, “I wanted to stay true to the original Wednesday Addams, but still manage to give her a modern twist to fit into the generation of today.”

If you want to hop on the subdued gothic makeup bandwagon and try to look like Wednesday Addams, here’s how you can do that.— 

The Freckled Base And Sharp Cheekbones


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As opposed to Wednesday Addam’s pale-white complexion, the 2022 version of her seems to have a little colour on her skin. She’s seen sporting an extremely minimal base that allows her freckles to be flaunted. Choose a tinted moisturiser like offers you coverage whilst letting your skin breathe at the same time. Steer clear from colour correcting or concealing your uneven skin tone since we’re all about the ghostly vibe this time around.

How does one miss those defined cheekbones that look sharp enough to cut a jaw? Tara McDonald used 2 powders from M.A.C Cosmetics’ Sculpting Powders to shape Jenna’s cheekbones. The first one is Sculpt, followed by Shadowy to intensify the final look a little more.

The Pale Under Eyes

Unlike usual Halloween makeup that puts a deep emphasis on sunken or pale under eyes, Wednesday’s makeup has muted, pale under eyes. A red cream blush will do the trick of making them seem slightly deathly. Dab some on your under eyes gently to ensure it’s evenly applied.

The Smokey Eyes


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Wednesday Addams’ lethal stares coupled with smokey eyes are the right amount of goth without being intimidating. Tara mentioned that Wednesday’s perfectly smokey eye was the result of three eyeshadows from M.A.C. Cosmetics— Glitch in the Matrix, Carbon and Script. She began by blending Script, a warm brown on Ortega’s eyes along with her under eyes and followed it up with Carbon, a pitch black eyeshadow which she added to the under eyes. Tara used Glitch in the Matrix and smudged it along with Carbon on the lash line to create a slightly shimmering smokey eye.

The Daring Lip


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The talk of the town has been the bold and gothic lip sashayed by Wednesday Addams. This particular colour is so well received that the lip liner used to create it has flown off the shelves! McDonald disclosed that she used M.A.C. Cosmetics lip liner in Nightmoth, which is a deep burgundy colour and mixed it with Dr Paw Paw’s clear balm to achieve the iconic lip colour. Instead of applying it directly on Jenna’s lips, she dabbed it gently to create a blurred gothic effect.

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