Mindful Menstruation Is A Thing, Here’s How You Can Practice It

Mdful menstruation

Our calendars may be linear, but the underlying patterns in nature are cyclical. Tangible expressions of these cycles can be experienced in the form of the Earth’s rotation, seasonal changes and the phases of the moon; but are you aware of similar patterns within you? Your menstrual cycle is more than just those dreaded five days in a month when you bleed, it has phases with specific purposes of their own that affect your body, mind, feelings and emotions. Here’s where mindful menstruation can play a major role in helping you understand and connect with yourself better. Pinterest has predicted it to be one of the biggest wellness trends of 2022 with more people beginning to educate themselves on menstrual health and period care. 

What Is Mindful Menstruation? 

Being on your period doesn’t have to be seen as an inconvenience or something to be ashamed of. We live in a society functioning around the 24-hour pattern of the male hormones, not the 28 days long female hormonal cycle. In a way, we’re been working against our bodies. From your motivation to hit the gym to your sex drive and interactions with people around you, your monthly cycle can affect it all and more. Tracking your cycle and being more aware of the changes in your body, behaviours, energy levels and emotions in every phase can help you build a better relationship with yourself and thereby with the world around you. Mindful menstruation is about listening to your body and living in harmony with its natural rhythm.

The Bleeding Phase 

Consider the bleeding phase of your cycle as nature’s monthly reminder to slow down, reflect and be more in tune with your intuition— it’s your inner winter. With your progesterone and estrogen levels dropping, rest is important. You can also take this as a time to not just shed (your uterine lining) physically, but metaphorically too. Let go of things that may be holding you back as you go through an inner cleanse. Being more mindful of your period pain can also help you spot patterns in the onset, where in the body it occurs, how often etc which can make conversations with healthcare professionals easier. The colour of your menstrual blood and the blemishes on your face/body during this time can tell you a lot about what’s happening in your body and you can then make dietary and lifestyle changes accordingly after consulting your healthcare professional. 

Mindful Menstruation

Follicular Phase

As your estrogen levels begin to increase, you’re likely to feel a sense of renewed energy. With your creative juices flowing, it’s a great time to brainstorm new ideas and take action. You may also be called to incorporate more physical activity back into your routine and be more social. New beginnings are the theme for this phase as you gear up to get back into the world after a period of rest. It’s your inner spring.


Ahh, here comes summer. With an increase in estrogen and progesterone, during ovulation, you’re likely to feel very social, confident, motivated and have a higher sex drive. It’s your time to shine. Communicating difficult feelings may become easier during this phase. You’re the most fertile during ovulation and studies show that you may come across a lot more attractive to the opposite sex.

Mindful Menstruation

Luteal Phase

As you transition from summer to fall, during the luteal phase you may feel your energies softening. It’s a complicated phase to navigate with the rise and dip of estrogen and progesterone, so if you feel frustrated with your lack of productivity, remind yourself that your body is simply just slowing down to enter its winter phase. It’s a great time for shadow work and to ask yourself what’s working and what you have to release.

Your body constantly talks to you in its own ways and mindful menstruation helps you finally learn its language.

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