What’s Up With Climate Change and How You Can #MakeItFeelRight


Oil spills, ghost forests, species at the very edge of extinction, unpredictable weather, rising sea levels, wildfires – are just a few of the headlines from the last week. Why, you ask? Climate change.

Biodegradable, slow fashion, composting, recycling, reusing, and up-cycling are just a few terms you must consciously incorporate into your daily vocabulary if you want to significantly reduce your carbon footprint on the planet to sustain the future generations.

Did you know that fashion is the world’s second largest source of pollution? 

According to studies, 85 percent of the clothing we wear ends up in landfills, and the majority of it does not biodegrade since it is made of non-biodegradable materials.

And fast fashion brands are to blame for this. They actively discourage multiple usage of clothes and promote massive amounts of consumerism.

There is always a solution, and you can help to limit the amount of fashion waste that ends up in landfills by doing your part. Everyday wardrobe decisions can have a major impact on the environment.


TENCEL™ is one such fiber brand that supports greener clothing choices and helps you do the same. TENCEL™‘s #MakeItFeelRight campaign is a social movement to promote sustainable fashion. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the environmental effect of fashion choices and encourage people to think about what they buy. Assuring that they select biodegradable or organic materials, as well as “excellent” fibres, so that when they are discarded, they will decompose naturally.

They’re collaborating with the non-profit organisation One Tree Planted (www.onetreeplanted.org ) to plant one tree for every pledge they can discover on social media and by joining forces with influencers, NGOs and brands supporting the green message, they have planted over 3000+ trees this year alone.

Help them grow bigger and support the right cause by making the #MakeItFeelRight

social pledge and they will plant trees on your behalf!

Support the right cause by making the #MakeItFeelRight social promise and TENCEL™  will plant trees on your behalf. It’s That simple!

Here’s a guide on how to join the movement : 

1) Take a photo of yourself wearing sustainable fashion from TENCEL™ or other sustainable

materials, and share it on your IG feed or story and hashtag #MakeItFeelRight and


2) Copy and paste your post link to the campaign website and receive your Tree Certificate.

campaign website

Don’t forget to tag @TENCEL_Global, and use hashtag #MakeAPledge and #MakeItFeelRight

Visit www.makeitfeelright.com to learn more.

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