Women Should Be Dominating The Weights Section At The Gym And Here’s Why


While women are dominating every field they walk into, it’s time to ace the weights section at the gym. As someone who’s been working out and engaging in vigorous strength training for almost four years now, I feel disappointed every time I see a woman pick cardio over weights. Don’t get me wrong, different forms of cardio exercises and pilates are absolutely great for your body, but strength training with weights is even better.

For a lot of women, stepping into the world of fitness can be daunting. It was for me too! Especially with so many exercises that target specific muscle groups, choosing a workout routine is pretty confusing. Not to forget the mansplaining every time a woman steps into the weights section. However, it’s time to own it, here’s why!

Weight training does a lot more than just tone your body; it gives a boost of serotonin in the process. “Strength training for women isn’t just beneficial, but necessary. With a myriad of benefits, lifting weights also help improve overall strength and endurance. Something that makes everyday tasks much easier to perform,” adds Anushka Nandani, co-founder of The Tribe, a community that offers virtual and in-person training along with tailormade nutrition.

Here’s why your intentions for 2023 should be lifting some good ol’ weights—

Gives You A Toned Physique


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Most often, women rely on activities that make them sweat more and burn higher calories in the process. Zumba and pilates are super fun workouts to engage in but they can only do so much. Weight training lets you target a specific muscle and work on it and in the process, you end up gaining muscle and toning the body. If you’re apprehensive about looking bulky, know that it’s not possible without excessive testosterone or steroids being injected into the body. On contrary, strength training is going to do is make your body leaner with consistent workouts.

The Massive Endorphin Rush


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If I’m being honest, nothing beats the endorphin rush I get after an intensive workout session. It’s proven that exercise is an endorphin booster, however, strength training can make you feel happier. This is because compound movements such as squats or deadlifts that target multiple muscle groups release endorphins during and after the session.

Boosts Density Of Bones

Bone density refers to the amount of bone mineral that is present in the bones. A healthy bone density is extremely crucial to maintain good bone health, especially in women who are prone to osteoporosis as they get older. Consistent strength training contributes to improved bone density and healthy with each session.

Say Hello To Newfound Confidence


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Lifting weights did help me with self-confidence. Sticking to a regular workout regime that also incorporates a progressive overload (slowly increasing the weight or the number of repetitions in a workout routine) has been my secret to feeling great on the inside and looking better on the outside. Also, no matter how stereotypical it sounds to those who are regulars at the gym but when your friends ask you to move sofas and lift heavy boxes for them, it does boost to your confidence. Anushka agrees and says, “Weightlifting, even if it’s a mere 2 kg, helps build your confidence. You feel so much better when you slowly surpass your goals and see yourself becoming stronger.”

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