Here’s Why You Should Add Glycolic Acid To Your Winter Skincare

As the season changes, so does our skin. The dip in temperature and lack of humidity can make skin dry, flaky, irritated, patchy and red. Hence, it’s time to be super gentle with your skin and include soap-free cleansers, thick creams and oils to the routine. And while retinols and exfoliants are super effective ingredients, they can sometimes cause dryness and sensitivity. But as opposed to what you may have heard, letting go of exfoliants during winter may not be the best idea. Especially when skin is prone to dead skin cells and product build-up that can make skin look dull and clog pores.

To ensure your skin doesn’t lose its glow, introduce glycolic acid to your routine.

What Is Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid falls under the group of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), and is derived from sugarcane. It is the smallest in structure compared to other AHAs such as lactic acid. Because of its size, it penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin and dissolves the bond between skin cells to slough off dead skin, and keep blemishes and acne at bay. It also improves skin’s cell turnover, ensuring your skin looks radiant and soft. Because of its ability to get deeper into the skin, it’s great for mature skin.

Tips To Use

Do not overdo! Stick to using it once or twice a week. Too much acid can cause rapid cell turnover which can lead to peeling, redness and irritation.

Team it with a moisturiser. Look for hydrating and soothing ingredients such as ceramides, colloidal oats and prebiotics.

SPF is important. Do not skip whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Ease into it. If you’re new to glycolic acid, do a patch test, and start slow. Start by once a week, and if your skin can tolerate it, increase usage to twice a week.

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