Revisiting The Greatest Wimbledon Celebrity Looks of All Time


Confession time: I don’t really know a thing or two about tennis. And my know-how of the workings related to Wimbledon is simply limited to exquisitely tailored white skirts and to quite an extent, the brands donned by star attendees sitting in the stands. Humble apologies.

Now that Wimbledon 2024 is in full swing, I have ample leeway to judge what celebrities are wearing at the esteemed tennis tournament. In my 4-year-old mildly tattered denims, I so proudly wear. While the looks coming in this year have been average at the most, some sartorial outings in the past completely altered my brain chemistry. Here’s taking a look at them.

Princess Diana

Lady D, a Wimbledon veteran of sorts was known for frequenting the sport in the most exquisite skirt-suit pairings known to mankind. This straight-cut blush-toned number and chunky gold jewels trump all other outfits on this list, without a doubt.

Deepika Padukone


Deepika Padukone was lensed attending the iconic Wimbledon men’s final match between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic wearing an airy jumpsuit by Ralph Lauren. Pristine whites are synonymous with the sport and so is the brand – you can’t go wrong with it.

David Beckham

This man always makes things difficult for me. I had to sift through a legion of looks to finalise one, which by the way isn’t his best. There’s no singular best. David Beckham is always dressed to impress and dapperly suited. *respectfully drools*

Emma Corin

The Crown alumni Emma Corin stuck to her gender-fluid style mandate and we couldn’t be happier. The monochrome tux-knickers duo (tailored by the gods, it seems) with striking oxfords was their armour of choice and easily takes the cake here.

Sonam Kapoor

Two things about Sonam Kapoor, you’ll never encounter a sartorial faltering from her end, and two, she knows her checks too well, as corroborated by this Burberry fit.

Jonathan Bailey


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Mr. Bridgerton (he’ll always be, to me) donned a soft, jute ‘esque three-piece suit from Ralph Lauren and paired it with classic sunnies. It’s just very pleasing to look at, I don’t know how else to explain it, there’s this sense of harmony that accompanies the outfit, which I’m a big fan of.

Kendall Jenner

Forgoing the unspoken ‘prim and proper’ dressing mandate at Wimbledon, Miss Jenner embraced the laid-back aesthetic of the sport with a powder blue shirt and white shorts. Cute.

Kate Middleton

The Princess of Wales took her Balmain lime green blazer with exaggerated lapels and a soft accordion pleated skirt for a spin at the tennis tournament back in 2023. Lauded for nailing all sorts of silhouettes which somehow happen to fit her like a glove (always), Kate’s previous roster at Wimbledon also boasts of an enviable collection.

Tessa Thompson

Criminally underrated style icon Tessa Thompson needs more recognition for squashing the usual gendered codes of dressing and this nautical suit is doing the most, in this fight against lousy fits. Regular Wimbledon attendees, kindly take notes.

Andrew Garfield

Mr. Garfield, the man you are. Apart from saving Zendaya in Spider-Man: No Way Home, this double-breasted suit has to be my second favourite thing about him. Tough competition to David Beckham, I have to say.

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