Here Are All The Winners At The ELLE Sustainability Awards 2023

ELLE Sustainability Awards

The first edition of ELLE Sustainability Awards 2023 celebrated the revolutionary sustainable change-makers in fashion and other walks of life. From fashion designers to beauty experts, climate activists and celebrities, the event was conceptualised to recognise and bring attention to the efforts of those taking responsible strides in protecting the environment and working towards a sustainable future. Ahead, we list all the winners of the awards.

1. ELLE Sustainability Leadership- Rajesh Pratap Singh, Fashion Designer

Known for his minimalist artistic signature, veteran designer Rajesh Pratap Singh is big on the use of the responsible fabrics and is always at the forefront of conversations around sustainability in the fashion industry. Aptly then, he’s the ELLE Sustainability Leadership awardee. 

2. ELLE Sustainability Leadership- Anita Dongre, Fashion Designer

The doyenne of India’s fashion industry Anita Dongre has long championed the cause of sustainability. From working with kaarigars directly to building sustainable headquarters in Rabale, she practises what she preaches. It was thus fitting to present her with the ELLE Sustainability Leadership Award.

3. ELLE Sustainable Innovation- Mehul Shroff and Purvi Shah, Founders, Mangalam Kalpataru

When Mehul Shroff saw heaps of banana crop being wasted in his district Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, he along with Purvi Shah launched Mangalam Kalpataru, a company that converts waste banana stems and crop into eco-friendly craft such as baskets, mats, bags, etc. This initiative also helps the farmers in reducing the cost of the labour required to cut the stems and clear the field. Together, Mehul and Purvi are recognised with the award of ELLE Sustainable Innovation.

4. ELLE Mindful Design- Rushi Sharma And Manoshi Nath, Sustainable Costume Designers 

Our ELLE Mindful Design winners Rushi and Manoshi have always strived for incorporating the sustainability mandate into the field of costume design. Since the process involves a lot of back and forth and rejection, it inevitably leads to a lot of wastage. Hence, the duo sources from ethical, small scale brands and artisans whilst utilising preloved stock on set.

5. ELLE Circular Economy Award- Sudheer Rajbhar, Founder, Chamar 

Founded in 2017, Chamar has set new standards for social and environmental enterprise, courtesy their explorations with recycled rubber in making bags and other products. The studio also aims to reclaim the dignity of ostracised Dalit and Muslim leather workers alongside creating a circular design ecosystem. Chamar’s founder, Sudheer Rajbhar is recognised with the ELLE Circular Economy Award.

6. ELLE Fashion Changemaker- Aishwarya Sharma, Fashion Activist

Revolutionising how the world sees fashion, activist Aishwarya Sharma has the ability to create a conscious impact globally. As someone who breaks through the stereotype as she staunchly advocates about climate and women rights, she’s the ELLE Fashion Changemaker. 

7. ELLE Conscious Fashion- Kirti Poonia, Co-founder, Revolve

The amalgamation of technology and sustainability with fashion earns the co-founder Kirti Poonia and her brand a place  in august company. Relove India, a conscious fashion brand has managed to create a social impact and bring sustainable fashion to the fore. She gets the ELLE Conscious Fashion award.

8. ELLE Eco-Innovation (Fashion)- Shruti Singh, Country Head, Fashion Revolution India 

A fashion enthusiast dedicated to building an educational platform for all forms of ethical and conscious fashion, Shruti works closely with workers and farmers to earn the livelihood they deserve while living a lifestyle that restores and conserves the natural environment. Hence, she takes home the ELLE Eco-Innovation award for her contribution.

9. ELLE Eco-Community Initiative- Kristin Kagetsu, Tarun Bothra and Grace Kane, Founders, Saathi

Having witnessed the taboo around menstrual hygiene and the limited access women have to menstrual hygiene products, Kristin Tarun and Grace came together to launch Saathi–a women’s hygiene brand that’s on a mission to create eco-friendly, compostable sanitary napkins using locally sourced banana fibre from the state of Gujarat. Inspired by the idea of not only improving women’s access to sanitary pads in India but also creating a product that has a positive impact on the environment, the trio is recognised with the ELLE Eco-Community Initiative award.

10. ELLE Responsible Beauty Initiative- Kavita Khosa, Founder and Creative Director, Purearth

Our ELLE Responsible Beauty Initiative winner Kavita Khosa has been a pioneer in championing the cause for clean, luxurious beauty. With 20 years of Ayurvedic experience under her belt, she hasn’t just created a positive environmental impact but also a social one by partnering with women’s micro-credit groups and farmers. 

11. ELLE Responsible Beauty Initiative- Krati & Varun Tandon, Founders, Boond Fragrances

Founded by sibling duo Krati & Varun Tandon, Boond Fragrances is reviving the art of Indian perfume making by supporting local artisans of Kannauj. The founders are the winners of ELLE Responsible Beauty Initiative. In a world where synthetic fragrances are gaining popularity, Boond aims to make Indian organic fragrances a global favourite.

12. ELLE Eco-Conscious Activist- Ripu Daman Bevli, Environmentalist & Social Activist 

Ripu Daman Bevli aka the Plogman of India is the ELLE Eco-Conscious Activist. The athlete and fitness enthusiast initiated the plogging movement in India through plog runs, a combination of jogging and picking up waste along the way. The idea is to stay fit as well as maintain the cleanliness of your surroundings. 

13. Signature Packaged Drinking Water: ELLE Sustainable Tech Innovation- Udit Singhal, Founder, Glass2Sand

After witnessing the heavy amount of glass bottle waste that ends up in landfills and realising it takes 1,000 years or more to disintegrate, Udit Singhal wanted to find a solution to this environmental concern. He found the brand, Glass2Sand, which uses a made-in-India machine to convert glass into sand. The lab-tested sand is then up for sale for construction companies. He wins the award for Signature Packaged Drinking Water: ELLE Sustainable Tech Innovation.

14. ELLE Sustainable Leader of the Year- Pragya Kapoor

Pragya Kapoor takes home the ELLE Sustainable Leader of the Year award. She contributes to the cause of eco-consciousness by regularly conducting beach clean-up drives and spreading awareness about the repercussions of climate change.

15. ELLE Sustainability Champion of the Year- Bhumi Pednekar 

Bollywood star Bhumi Pednekar has been at the forefront of spreading awareness about how to adopt sustainable practices into our daily lives with her pan-India climate discussion campaign, the Climate Warrior initiative. She is ELLE  Sustainability Champion of the Year.

16. ELLE Leaders of Change- Dia Mirza

An an environmental activist, Dia Mirza is the Secretary-General of the United Nations’ Advocate for Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador. She routinely speaks up for the protection of the environment and wildlife. Dia takes home the ELLE Leaders of Change award.

17. ELLE Sustainability Hero of the Year- Raveena Tandon 

Outspoken and passionate about social and environment issues, actress Raveena Tandon has shown her support for environmental conservation and is leading a sustainable lifestyle. Her initiatives have led her to be ELLE Sustainability Hero of  the Year.

18. ELLE Sustainable Mould Breaker- Kalki Koechlin

Actress Kalki Koechlin has been a strong advocate for organic wear and an environment-loving  lifestyle. ELLE recognises her as the Sustainable Mould Breaker of the year for her work in protecting the planet.

19. ELLE Social Responsibility- Rakul Preet Singh 

The one with ever so stylish statement looks, actress Rakul Preet has avidly been a sustainable lifestyle supporter. She takes home the ELLE Social Responsibility Award.

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