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We believe home is where the heart is. Keeping with this philosophy, Spread Home Products was established in 1999. We aim to redefine home decor, by offering our customers the most premium products that transform homes into comfortable and luxurious spaces. We have a selection of products with the highest quality from all around the world for the ultimate home comfort. We have been pioneers in introducing the latest fashion and technology like Milk quilts and pillows, Tencel sheets, Aloe Vera comforter, air cotton towels, and high thread count sheets.

Winter has arrived and we can officially say it’s the season of long nights, cosy blankets and hibernation. The secret to perfect sleep is transforming your bedroom into a cosy sanctuary.

The first step is having the perfect quilt. Experience luxury in bed with our Snow Star Extreme winter quilt with a tog value of 10.5 to keep the winter chills away. It is extremely soft and comfortable, you won’t want to get out of your bed in the morning when you are snuggled in one of these. 

If you are among the people who feel the extra winter chill and are always cold, opt for a higher GSM quilt like the Milk Quilt. It ensures more warmth and thickness for a cosy sleep.

Choose from our breathable fabrics so you don’t sweat during the night. Natural fibres like cotton and bamboo help regulate temperatures and remain breathable. Never use synthetic fibres as they trap heat.

They regulate your body temperature, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Layer your bed with a bedcover for an extra layer of warmth.

Having the right pillow is as important for sleep as being warm. The nourishing and beneficial effects of milk are incorporated into your sleep in this ultra-soft and luxurious pillow made with german milk protein fibres using bio-engineering techniques. It is naturally soothing and improves blood circulation during sleep.

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