Wordle: The New Word Game That’s Got Everyone Hooked (And Bragging About Their Score)

Wordle Game FI

If you spend enough time on Instagram (which you do, don’t lie), you would have spotted a couple of stories with yellow and green blocks with a fraction. A humblebrag 2/6 or a more realistic 3/6. And you’ve wondered what these numbers and blocks mean. Allow me to clear the confusion. It’s their Wordle score.

As the name suggests, Wordle is a word game. ‘Meh’, you say, with a dismissive wave. I too, turned my nose up at it, appalled that someone would think I would be done in by a mere word game. Me! A writer! Blasphemous. After thwarting many attempts by people to get me to even try Wordle, I sighed and decided to give it a whirl.


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Green Day With Wordle

This game is sneaky. In that it creeps up on you and you find yourself reaching out for it every single day. And then you wait once you’re done to do it again the next day. Now you can only play this once a day, so account for an interminable wait before you can punch those letters in again. Edit: I just read that you might be able to play it more often, but it’s not confirmed. I shall get back to you on this.

For someone like me, who prides herself on knowing words ( a potential career hazard if I didn’t) when i tried it for the first time, I was like, sure, I get it, but it’s easy. Then, by day 4 you realise that you perhaps aren’t as well-versed with 5 letter words as you thought you were. It’s pretty humbling.

Two days ago, as I punched in the letters, humming to myself, convinced I could get this in three tries, at best. That day’s Wordle had a repeated letter and it took me six attempts to get my letters to all turn green. Oh well. You try another day.

Blood-Wordling Social Media Games



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The added advantage of Wordle, or the thing that’s going to eventually suck all the joy out of it is that now everyone’s posting their scores on social media. Someone on my feed shared the word of the day on their stories. Not even like just the blocks, the whole word. People were livid. I don’t know if petrol prices will trigger a war but I know that I am going to be very angry with anyone who shares the Wordle word and there are going to be some nasty words exchanged. Which is basically my version of waging a battle. No bloodshed, heated wordplay.

Anyway, so you do get additional bragging rights with Wordle. But don’t believe anyone who says they got in two tries, because who are they? Shakespeare?

Wordle Is So App-ropriate

I love that Wordle is so badass. In a world full of apps, you don’t need to download anything to play the game. Yup, you just go to the same link every day and put in the letters. And that’s that. They are flipping a finger to all those ‘download’ apps and just doing their own thing. In fact, if you do end up on the app store, know that you will be downloading a completely different version of Wordle, the one that’s not legit (saves legit away for a try on the game).

A word of caution. A phrase of caution actually. This game is addictive. Oh sure, roll your eyes, but if you’ve read this, gone to Wordle, played it once and gone again tomorrow, know that you’re a convert. There’s no going back.


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