Would You Dare To Give Into These Gen Z Fashion Trends?


When I pitched this story to my editor (with a good number of millennials sitting across the table), chaos ensued. And when I say chaos, I mean CHAOS. It went something like this: ‘What do you even fit in that tiny bag?’ and ‘What’s with the whole gym look while at a grocery store?’ along with opinions clashing like fire. And what was the extinguisher to this trigger? A girl from generation Z who didn’t get these trends either.

While I do carry the tag of Gen Z, I don’t voluntarily go around flinging a clear, PVC bag that puts my personal belongings on public display. And to that extent—yes, Gen Z trends can be confusing. Trends that make you go ‘what’ in capital with ten exclamation marks?!

Born between 1996 to 2012, the role of this generation has been pivotal in fashion. Experimental, fun and daring, Gen Z have been torchbearers of turning TikTok and Instagram into the ultimate fashion disseminators. And while I scrolled mindlessly to find one that suited my aesthetic and conscious decisions, I was shook. Ahead, I present and challenge you to give into these pointless fashion trends (even if its just for the ‘gram).

Arm Warmers

To save yourself from the dropping temperature in your car and even your room, invest in a gorgeous turtleneck arm warmer. Yes, it will keep you very warm and will definitely help you fight the chilly air. From Kylie Jenner to Janhvi Kapoor, the silhouette has been embraced by every cool kid on the block.

Micro Bags

Gen Z

A short glance through this bag and even my very tiny level of patience wouldn’t fit in. Personal opinions aside, micro bags have progressed to become a cult favourite. From Lizzo flaunting the iconic Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag at the American Music Awards to Fendi’s nano baguette, the accessory seems to be shrinking in proportion with every new launch. So please tell me, why was this made again?

Transparent PVC Handbags

From high-end fashion labels to iterations by independent and emerging designers, there’s a transparent size for every purpose. Would you dare to try this?

Micro Frame Sunglasses

Gen Z

Emblematic of the 90s vibe, cat eye frames made a major comeback in 2020. And this season, the accessory has only gotten smaller, defeating its whole purpose. While it may make you look like fashion’s it girl, will it really protect your pupils and eye area? Guess it’s a no.

Photographs: Instagram

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