ELLE Exclusive: Yauatcha & LoveChild By Masaba Bring To Life A New Sensory Delight


This Diwali, you’re in for a surprise with a new collection of perfume desserts, and lipstick-inspired macarons and bonbons by Yauatcha Mumbai in collaboration with LoveChild by Masaba. Last year, food met fashion as we tasted some of the desserts from the Yauatcha X Papa Don’t Preach collection. The experience was one of a kind and left us wanting more. This year, beauty and food come together as Yauatcha brings a sensory delight that is not only pretty to the eyes and tasty for the palette but also a treat to your olfactory senses.

This multi-sensory experience has been perfectly curated with the renowned designer Masaba Gupta and the distinguished Chef Romain Cornu, Global and Corporate Pastry Chef of TAO Group. On his involvement in the process, Chef Romain shares, “Together, we have curated a collection of desserts designed to elevate your festive celebrations and create unforgettable memories. Our team has poured their hearts and creativity into crafting a stunning array of desserts that pay homage to the rich traditions of Diwali while introducing a modern twist. From reimagined classic favourites to innovative creations that push the boundaries of culinary artistry, this collection is a harmonious blend of flavours, colours, and textures that resonate with the essence of this joyous occasion.”

The range of desserts includes the Petit Gâteaux (fragrance collection), Macarons (Bullet Lipsticks), Chocolates / Bonbons collection (Liquid lipsticks) Chocolate Bars and Ice Creams. The designer, Masaba Gupta, who’s known for her eclectic collections and peppy fashion choices shares, “I love my meetha! Especially if it comes in bright colours & and irresistible edible fragrances, which is why we at LoveChild & Yauatcha have come together to bring you ‘Good Enough To Eat’ – a one-of-a-kind festive treat with yummy desserts inspired by LoveChild’s colours, textures, delectable fragrances, and of course the unique packaging! My favourites from the collection are the Petit Gâteau that comes with edible fragrances inspired by LoveChild- they’re a must-try! So go ahead, get it yourself and gift others the best of beauty and desserts all in one box!”

All In Good Spritz

A culinary experience like no other, at Yauatcha Mumbai, you will get to spritz the edible perfume onto your dessert and unlock excitement. The aromatic elements of these creations have been meticulously curated to match the scents of LoveChild by Masaba’s perfume line. With delicious scents like orange, jasmine, and lavender, the desserts pay homage to the delicate notes found in Masaba’s fragrances. The Petal Block, for instance, takes inspiration from Power petal. It comes with a Vanilla infusion, comprising an almond sable base, filled with pear compote and pear mousse, layered with red chocolate dip, and topped with a golden floral motif. Sounds about perfect and indulgent! 

Macaron Love

We’ve all had macarons. To bite into that hard outer covering and discover the soft texture inside it is a treat to the senses. Yauatcha has gone a step forward and created a macaron ‘lipstick collection’ inspired by LoveChild by Masaba’s renowned lipstick line. A must-try would be the lemon orange ganache inspired by the lipstick Sour-casm, Salted caramel cream inspired by Hey Sugar or Grapefruit Ganache inspired by popsicle.

Delightful Bites

Another key point of the collection is a Bonbon/Chocolate collection inspired by LoveChild by Masaba’s liquid lipstick collection. Just as Masaba’s liquid lipsticks are a work of art in a spectrum of colours, these chocolates and bonbons celebrate that same vivid diversity. Go on a culinary roller-coaster as you bite into Coconut rum inspired by Golden rum punch liquid lipstick (white chocolate & coconut ganache) and Plum inspired by jamun cooler liquid lipstick (dark chocolate and dark chocolate plum ganache).

Heartwarming Cold Serves

Another gem in the collection is their range of ice Creams. We recommend their peach sage sorbet with swirls of fresh white peach rippled and subtle hints of lemon and sage. But if that doesn’t match your flavour preference, a comforting Coffee Cardamom ice cream–a festive delight where the earthy cardamom spice meets the delicate dance of warm espresso, topped with chunks of dark chocolate)–is also an option.

Bars Of Comfort 

Let’s not forget the chocolate bars that equally offer an immersive and indulgent experience. Take your pick from White Chocolate Peach (a white chocolate shell infused with Peach ganache, harmoniously balanced with vanilla bean paste and lemon juice), Milk Chocolate Chai (a milk chocolate shell infused with Chai ganache, featuring nutty earthy flavours from a spice mix of cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, star anise, and black pepper, beautifully balanced with vanilla beans and beauty tea) and Dark Chocolate Coffee Caramel (a dark chocolate shell infused with caramel coffee ganache).

This one-of-a-kind method results in a beautiful interplay of flavour and scent, bringing the culinary experience to new heights. The perfume-inspired pastries add a depth of ingenuity and beauty to the cooperation, making it an authentic celebration of innovation, art, and the joy of celebrating Diwali together.

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