Yoga For Detox: Experts Explain How It Works

Yoga For Detox Rakulpreet

Yoga for detox is a well known concept – the practice has been known to help expel harmful toxins from the body; if you are consistent with it of course. There’s enough research around what kind of benefits it has for your body but very few know exactly how it works. Plus, many are often clueless about the risks involved in practising yoga without proper guidance. This is why we spoke to the experts and here’s what they had to say –

Major Sources Of Toxins In The Body

Yoga For Detox Ira Trivedi
Ira Trivedi

Global bestselling author yogini and founder of YOG LOVE Ira Trivedi explained, “That’s quite a tough one in today’s day and age, so let’s begin with the most major toxic effect, and that is the air around us! The skin, the largest organ of the body, and the nose are crucial filtration systems of our body. The polluted surroundings, filled with car fumes and other toxins, affect these filtration systems. So the air and environment you live in become the primary source of toxins you are exposed to daily.”

Another source of toxins in the body is the food you eat. Pesticides used to grow food crops or hormones injected to produce meat for consumption are toxic for your body. Certain bottled beverages can also increase the levels of toxicity in your body. Sub-standard cosmetic and grooming products like body lotions, shampoos, toothpaste, etc., also contribute to it. Certain medications can lead to the accumulation of toxic metals in your body.

How Does Yoga For Detox Work?

Yoga For Detox Sonakshi Dhamija
Sonakshi Dhamija

For Sonakshi Dhamija, an authorised Level 1 Ashtanga Teacher, it begins with the mindset. “Yoga is a preventative practice to maintain a healthy body and mind. Once we start an asana practice, it motivates us to bring about other healthier changes. Now, if I know I have to practice in the morning, I will automatically feel like having a light dinner and sleeping on time. So it ends up becoming a lifestyle change instead of an addition that exists in isolation. Besides relieving the body of harmful toxins, yoga practice helps us prevent toxins from entering our bodies. It helps us be more mindful of what we consume, leading us to choose healthier options, which makes a huge difference in overall health over a longer period.”

As for actually physiological changes, yoga for detox is a means of helping the body’s natural detoxification. Your body has ways of getting rid of them through various bodily processes that are in-built. So when you add yoga to the mix, it is helping every one of those single processes in the body to detoxify itself. The breathwork inherent in the practice helps maintain a healthy respiratory system and improve filtration. The automatic action of stretching out your skin while performing asanas helps circulation and stimulation. Yoga also benefits your endocrine and metabolic systems. It works by massaging the organs of your body to perform their job better.

What Does Yoga For Detox Look Like?

Yoga For Detox Asanas

Every asana in yoga works on some form of detox action because each of them has been scientifically designed to work on specific organs. Traditionally, in the yoga system, many Kriyas and Pranayama are advised for cleansing and detoxification. A yoga practice definitely includes asanas but may not be limited to that. Kriyas and Pranayama (under the guidance of a good teacher) can be pretty beneficial in cleansing. In terms of asana, anything from Suryanamaskar to twisting postures will be helpful. They all have their own system too! For example, any twisting asanas lead to squeezing the organs of your body to release toxins faster and more efficiently.

Precautions To Take While Practicing Yoga For Detox

Yoga for detox Precautions

Yoga can be a pretty intense practice, so not all spines are prepared for it. So make sure to start any practice with Sukshma Vyayama (gentle exercises) to warm up the body. You need must make sure your body has strength. If the spine is stretched without actually having any strength in the muscles of the back can injure the spine. “I actually believe that yoga should be known by people who have a basic level of fitness”, confessed Ira. If you want to do yoga, you should first achieve that baseline fitness level and then come to yoga.

Sonakshi cautioned against the casual attitude some have towards yoga. “One of the most important things is to always make sure that you learn and practice with someone you trust. There’s no need to unnecessarily push yourself in some poses. Other than that, just focus on the breath while doing any asana to be fully aware and avoid any injuries. Also, you should always practice on an empty stomach!”

How Fast Does Yoga For Detox Work?

Yoga for detox Suryanamaskar

The efficacy and result turnaround of practising detox yoga depends on everyone’s personal bodies and how they react. Some people see the results can be almost immediately, even within days of their first session. But for some, it can take a bit longer. Also, detoxification is not only about the asanas practice. It’s also about what one puts in their bodies – in terms of eating and drinking and other regular habits. Things like sleeping on time etc., play a massive role in this. So while one might be practising yoga but not observing other habits, it will take much longer for any changes to appear. The effects of a yoga practice are seen faster when combined with other lifestyle changes.

In conclusion, yoga for detox is just like using a product on your skin – some people react very fast; others take longer. But the good news about yoga is because it’s completely holistic; the changes are often permanent!

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