Your Guide To Getting Gorgeous Hair Extensions

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ICYMI, that super glossy, gorgeous mane your favourite celebrity or model is sporting takes a lot of work. Sure there is intense hair care and access to supremely talented hairstylists, but we can assure you that there are hair extensions involved. And there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s not to love about long, luscious and thick tresses that prettily frame your face? However, the most common reservation around hair extensions is that they will stick out, stubbornly refusing to blend in with your natural hair. But that’s just a misconception. With the right kind and quality of hair extensions, proper care and a lot of information, you can fake your way to fuller and healthier hair and receive compliments for it too!

Hair, Hair Extensions Everywhere. Which One To Pick?

There are many types of hair extensions- clip on faux scalps/bangs, tape toppers, micro ring hair extensions, individual keratin/coloured hair strands, weaved wigs, etc. Clip-on extensions are perhaps the best way to get started, they are easier to experiment with and don’t require a long term commitment. Weaving extensions are sewn in with a needle and are generally recommended on extremely curly hair.

Extensions made from real hair are considered the best as their cuticles are preserved and they all run in the same direction, so the texture is silkier. However, real hair can be super expensive, something you will have to factor in. Synthetic hair, though much cheaper, is not heat friendly and tends to tangle quickly. It also won’t blend in the way real human hair will.

Your Mane Choice

Largely, the extensions you are going to pick is based on your budget and your hair type. You have to make sure that the colour and texture of the extensions exactly matches your real hair. Along with that, make sure the density of the hair doesn’t weigh down your real hair. The aim should be the length as well as volume. So if you have really thin hair, don’t go for heavier density extensions. If you don’t want a long term commitment to extensions, you can try synthetic hair, but know that the effect isn’t as good. Real (Remy) hair extensions are always a good investment because they give you a natural effect which is key. Micro ring hair extensions don’t require any glue or heat, ultimately reducing damage to your hair. Also, if you feel any discomfort or pain, you need to get them re-positioned right away!

How To Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

You’ll need new products, as hair that isn’t your own might react differently to your usual products. It is recommended that you switch over to a sulphate free shampoo that is non-stripping and additionally invest in a good hydrating mask. You’ll need extra TLC.  You will need to blow dry them and style them regularly for them to look natural. It all does sound tedious, but the look you get after is going to be worth your while. There’s a possibility that the end of the extensions get rough, causing them to stand out. In this case, always get a trim, or style it at the ends. Always, always consult an expert first and take their advice on which extension you should go for.

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