Zeenat Aman Is A Beauty Inspiration. We Decode Her Signature Looks And How You Can Wear It

Zeenat Aman

When it comes to icons in Bollywood, there are a few names that unanimously make it to everyone’s list. Zeenat Aman undoubtedly tops that list owing to a multitude of reasons. Her prowess as an actress needs no introduction at all, especially with the challenging roles she took on. Whether it was the iconic Rupa in Satyam Shivam Sundaram or the bold Roma in Don, there isn’t a single character of Zeenat Aman’s that didn’t create ripples when these movies were released. However, while everyone’s always talking about her risque fashion choices that were considered way ahead of their time, I want to take a moment to speak about all of the beauty lessons I’ve learnt from her.

As someone who grew up in the late ’90s and early ’00s, Zeenat wasn’t exactly someone I watched onscreen frequently. But all thanks to my movie-buff parents, I had the privilege of watching almost every movie she was a part of. Qurbani was the one that struck a chord in my heart. Watching Zeenat Aman don a glamorous red gown and hum the tune to Nazia Hassan’s legendary song was a core memory that will always stay with me. When it comes to beauty lessons, there’s a lot of knowledge she’s imparted to us along the way.

Here’s all that I learnt from the

Kohl-Rimmed Eyes Are Always In


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Kohl has always been an integral part of every woman’s beauty routine. To most of us, it was probably the first makeup product we had the chance to experiment with. Zeenat Aman has always loved her kohl-rimmed eyes, something we’ve spotted in most of her films.

Cheekbone Power

If you thought sculpting your cheekbones was something that just sprung up a couple of years ago thanks to multiple beauty trends, you thought wrong. Zeenat Aman has been showing us how to get the most defined cheekbones since the dawn of time. Combining the powers of blush, bronzer and some highlighter, she always made em’ cheekbones pop!

Graphic Eyes

The 70s were an exciting time for makeup, especially eye makeup. Bold, exaggerated and graphic eyes had just begun to take off and Zeenat Aman flaunted them rather beautifully. While everybody else’s attention was on the chemistry between her and Rajesh Khanna in this iconic song, my attention was on her elongated eyeliner. Extending past the outer corner of the eye to exude some drama, Zeenat Aman’s eyeliner perfectly complemented her waterline generously adorned with kohl.

Frosty Is The Name


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Technically, the 90s were when frosty eyelids became wildly popular. The legendary song Laila O Laila featured Zeenat Aman gracefully dancing in a stunning white gown in all of her disco glory. Her signature graphic eyes were replaced with a soft, silver shimmer to match her outfit. Proof that shimmer will always be that IT girl.

Glossy Dark Lips

Indian women have always steered clear of a brazen lip, they love their neutral hues. However, Zeenat Aman has always championed the cause of striking lipsticks. Whether it was a fuchsia pink or a vampy burgundy, she’s always served us with unforgettable looks. Here, we see her with a glossy, oxblood lip which proves that bold lips are for one and all.

Retro Lashes

Faux lashes may be a massive thing right now, but back in the day combining faux lashes with mascara was a bigger deal. Zeenat Aman’s doe-eyed look in Hare Ram Hare Krishna was courtesy of a double eyeliner coupled up with defined mascara for the lower lashes. Notice how it widens the eyes and gives a coquette-like vibe? We LOVE!

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