Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For The Week

Zodiac horoscope

Expect good news this week. Calls that deliver news of success and new opportunities are creating a heady energy this week. Remember to stay grounded and flexible. Use the wisdom of past experiences to help you navigate your changing reality. You don’t need anyone else to validate you if you can absorb the lessons of your own experience fully. Before you ask a question to anyone, ask yourself – What do I think? Do I know the answer to this question? What am I then seeking from this person’s response?

Capricorn: December 22–January 20

The key lies in understanding your motives right now. Are your actions fueled by fears, past beliefs or a desire for a different future? Till you don’t admit and accept your reasons, you’ll be stuck in a tornado of emotions being pushed and pulled in different directions. Unresolved issues of the past or then someone’s present behaviour – what is triggering you and why? The week holds many blessings. There’s a sacred partnership that you’re moving towards with grace as your guiding light. At work, an unexpected opportunity or windfall will give you exactly what you need to move forward from where you have been feeling stuck lately. Life has a lot to offer and wants you to have it all. You need to move forward with courage and conviction from here on. 

Aquarius: January 21–February 18

There’s a win for you this week. What is it that you have been gunning for? Keep your eye on the prize, because victory is guaranteed. Those seeking love, let the light of all that you are and all that you bring into a relationship shine bright this week. Those aiming for success at work, walk with a certain confidence in your stride. Your joy is your magnet and this joy is fueled by your conviction. Be it romance or recognition at work, the more fun you have, the stronger your magnet becomes. When the opportunity comes calling, leap into it. This is not a week for calculations and overthinking. This is a week for knowing very clearly what you want and what you are willing to do for it.

Pisces: February 19-March 20

Why are you resisting the energy of renewal and regeneration? What is holding on to the past doing for you? You are in a phase of second chances. Make the most of it instead of dragging out the past on every opportunity. There is enough evidence of new emergence; yet you pretend to be blind to it the moment a trigger is hit. This week is full of miracle moments. Grab as many as you can by staying fully present and only focusing on the now. The more you look back or lose sight of what is in front of you, you will miss the moment. Your actions shift your reality. Be careful with your reactions and responses for you are creating your future with every word you say and action you take. What kind of life are you creating? 

Aries: March 21-April 20


Think long term. This week you need to test and build your endurance. Self-awareness is your best friend. Observe yourself without judgement and align your goals to who you need to become to live every desire you are chasing. There’s a lot of cleaning up going to happen this week. Let go, let go, let go. Clean up your physical spaces to make room for the new, take stock of how you are spending your time and with whom, clean up your line of thoughts to keep them aligned to what you want to experience. You are being prepped for big shifts. You need to clean up your act and embrace these changes without any resistance. You want to live a certain life and the Universe is making it happen now. You need to play along.

Taurus: April 21–May 21


You seek what you already have. Sit with this truth this week. Everytime you say, “I want”, ask yourself, “but don’t I already have it?” Check in and you’ll realise you are rejecting something or failing to even notice it because it’s not in the exact shape and form as your desire. Look inward and you will realise how fulfilling your life already is. This is a week to do everything by the book. Follow all processes and traditions to the tee. Do not question why things have to be done a certain way. Those who want to be creative in love because they are seeking some grand love story, stop. Get on the traditional route immediately. Those wanting to crack success at work through merit, make sure you are visible & are networking the right way this week. 

Gemini: May 22–June 21


Trade-offs – give to receive and vice versa. Determine cost vs value this week in everything you choose to do. Look at the work on your plate,relationships, friendships – everything from an eye of what it takes of me and what it gives me. It’s not about hitting a 50-50 balance; but rather understanding what is worth your time and effort and what is not and yet you may choose to hold on to it for other reasons. There’s a lot of joy and abundance in your life this week. Enjoy every moment with awareness and willingness to soak it all in. Your life is transforming and moving towards the reality you have envisioned. You may be called to meet relevant people this week or then to take certain actions to jumpstart certain processes. Step forward with conviction.

Cancer: June 22–July 22


Unfinished symphonies are calling for your attention. You need to sit down and have some tough conversations with yourself as well as others to close certain chapters. Whether you close it by way of completion or cutting losses, the bottom line is you need to wrap up things and move on. In relationships, resolve issues or block old lovers. It’s time. At work, don’t dilly-dally around conversations pertaining to pay hikes, promotions and signing of deals. Speak clearly and with conviction to get your point across. This week is all about making it happen. There is no other way. You need to move forward instead of pretending to be stuck.

Leo: July 23–August 23


A deep sense of loss and regret plagues you. But what are you doing to heal? Playing victim is not going to take you too far. Look at what has happened and make the tough choice of moving on towards whatever solution serves your best interest. Some of you are struggling with an identity crisis and aren’t able to make the choices you need to make. The confusion stems from not knowing yourself well enough. Some others are fighting to fit in. But hit pause this week and ask yourself what exactly will fitting in do for you? You are aimlessly pushing for things without any real understanding of what you need and want. Disappointments are then a given. 

Virgo: August 24–September 22


Family time, especially quality time with children. The week is going to be about making memories. Be with the immediate family or then with friends who are like family, spend time with loved ones unapologetically this week. There’s a lot to be gained as you give so generously. In love and at work there are many tiny victories and new opportunities as rewards for all that you do. This is a good time to join a new community group or business network. New connections made right now will be full of potential and will bring many gifts for you. Show up in every relationship and equation and accept all the blessings. Abundance is flowing your way from many directions.

Libra: September 23–October 23


Trust the process of growth and change. You are bang in the middle of a transition. You cannot see what lies ahead, at least not fully and the only way to step towards it is with curiosity. Do not lose your cool when you feel a lack of control or when you need information. Ask clear questions compassionately and you will receive the answers you need to take the next step forward. This is a period of co-creation. Teamwork is essential. You need to prepare for the fact that the new reality is not going to be exactly as you envisioned it. Know that it’s okay and life will be just as beautiful. In love, at work, with regards to finances or big life decisions, this phase is critical and must not be dismissed or hurried.

Scorpio: October 24–November 22


What is meant to be will be. How do you know that what you are going through isn’t exactly as it’s meant to be? You resist because you want it a certain way or you want something else. But what if this is the only way through? There will be a magical alignment of events. Don’t reject it because the events aren’t all good. Instead accept it for what it is and stand in faith. You are being asked to take deep breaths this week. Ground yourself to stand strong and wait things out. A lot is shifting in your favour. This is all you need to know and trust. Look for the signs as the Universe is planting ideas, words, and actions in your head. Follow this inner voice.

Sagittarius: November 23–December 21


Watch, wait, make notes. Do not act on anything you see or any information you receive. This week you need to bide your time and just observe everything and everyone. Those who are feeling all muddled up inside, retreat and create a distance between you and certain loved ones including your partner or love interest. At work, don’t be too hasty to take something on or to say no to an opportunity. ‘I need time’ are your magic words for the week. There’s so much that people want to give you and yet you refuse to take. Why? Look at your beliefs around obligations, asking for help and receiving gifts from others. This is what you need to work on in order to open up to all the abundance the Universe wants to give you. 

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