Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For The Week


The week will start off like nothing ever happened. Everything will chug along as per the rules of society, the world, life. Then mid-week you’ll see a very unhealthy pattern of yours forcing you to make a choice you know is not the best for you. But with the help of doubt and judgement you’ll falter. Given that this guidance is available to you, you have the opportunity to choose differently; to pull doubt on your team by responding to its questions factually and to send judgement to another party by choosing to be fair to yourself. If you succeed at this, there will be a turn of events by the weekend. Now you know and so now, choose to do better.

Capricorn: December 22–January 20

A new season is beginning and often this phase can feel uncertain and chaotic. It is a good week to evolve based on all that you have learnt in recent times. Stop being who you have been all this while. That version is not going to serve you any purpose from here on. Think about all that you want to experience in life now and what kind of a person you need to become to create this reality you desire. The week will be peppered with happy coincidences and serendipitous incidents. The people you meet, the conversations you have will impact your near future as what you need will be provided and the reality you want will slowly start to take shape.

Intention: I am choosing to think and do things differently.

Aquarius: January 21–February 18

The past is done. The present is changing. The future is coming to be. This week will give you many glimpses into the future you have wished for and have been subconsciously creating. Enjoy the week fully. You have everything you need and want. All you need to do now is make use of it all in the best way possible. Many decisions have been made recently and there’s a lot that’s still panning out. Know that you have made some good choices and you are moving in a direction that’s aligned to your highest good. All in all it’s a fun week ahead.

Intention: I am choosing to have a blast this week.

Pisces: February 19-March 20

Love, romance and commitment are on the cards. Partnerships are being forged. This is a very good week to do things in pairs or teams. In your personal space, lean into, indulge and enjoy each other. Avoid letting insecurities or impatience sit at the table or cuddle up on the couch with you. At work, this is a week to play tag team. Avoid trying to do things alone. Teamwork will make everybody shine equally; while going solo won’t get you too far. This is a good week to make things happen. The Universe will create the perfect settings for you to work your magic. Know that this week, each of these moments give you a taste of what divine timing at play feels like.

Intention: I am choosing to use the miracles available to me.

Aries: March 21-April 20


Choices have to be made this week. In fact, for some these will be difficult decisions. The Universe wants you to know that you will succeed no matter what you choose. Do not misinterpret mistakes and realignments as failures. Avoid seeking guarantees. You need to know what is possible and what you are capable of. You also need to get clear about what will be required and what you are willing to do. Focus on what you have and what you are choosing to create instead of constantly talking about anything that’s lacking or what is not happening. Don’t do things without understanding the impact they have.

Intention: I’m choosing to leverage my strengths this week.

Taurus: April 21–May 21


A topic of conversation that seemed to have faded will become loud and clear this week. The outcome will be good for you. Those in committed relationships as well as those just starting off together need to stop questioning their partner’s intent. Trust requires you to have a dose of faith first. Only then will you assess from a space of desire and take the chance you need to. Remember, life has no guarantee to give you. If you are not willing to risk disappointment or even a heartbreak, love will continue to evade you. Seek help this week especially from those who have a certain experience or expertise on the matter. Reach to people older than you, those who can mentor and guide you.

Intention: I am choosing to listen to the elders.

Gemini: May 22–June 21


Don’t do things without seeking advice from the right people this week. Talk to your family, the one you were born into and the one you have chosen. It’s a week of certain family dynamics to change ever so slightly and for some to transform in the most healing way possible. Observe how each day flows and respond to things appropriately instead of preempting, reacting impulsively or jumping to conclusions. You need to think things through and this means you need to move very slowly through the week. Mother-child equations need to be indulged and you need to work on rewriting many of those narratives. The energies will nudge you to make certain choices that will help you break free of generational drama and even trauma.

Intention: I am choosing to respond appropriately.

Cancer: June 22–July 22


Observe everything very closely this week. Patiently stand to one side and watch who is doing what as well as what actions lead to what kind of results. Observe yourself. Your reactions, be it thoughts you keep to yourself or words you express. This is a week to retreat and recalibrate. All the observations must lead to powerful changes. Be careful not to make hasty decisions. Avoid getting into arguments or even deep discussions. Things you say will create unwanted ripples and issues you don’t need to deal with right now. This is a week to tap into your experience and put your wisdom to use. You know the patterns. Don’t let your ego get the better of you.

Intention: I am choosing to observe and absorb all that is good for me.

Leo: July 23–August 23


Imagine if different circumstances were building blocks. How would you place or fix them to build the life you are currently aspiring to live? Don’t fight your circumstances this week. Instead change the way you are looking at things and you will see the hidden opportunities. You need to clear up your mind and your surroundings to create room for all your dreams and goals to come into existence. If you are thinking of refurbishing your room, home or office this week is a great time. Reorganise your closet or just move some furniture around. You need to infuse your space with a new energy of openness and make it more welcoming. In doing so, you will also end up reorganising your thoughts and perspectives. 

Intention: I’m choosing to reorganise my reality.

Virgo: August 24–September 22


The element of fire is burning bright in your sphere right now. However, remember that this element can light up your life or even burn it down. Be very careful about what and how much you are choosing to do. Nurture your relationships. Approach them with love and strength. Avoid churning your fears through your conversations. Instead, breathe and stand in faith. All is well. Everyone in your world is protected and secure. This is not a week to make any decisions. Avoid executing plans especially those related to travel or big life changes. Be careful with financial decisions and it would be best to hold off signing any deals till early next week.

Intention: I’m choosing to nourish my being with good thoughts.

Libra: September 23–October 23


Your partner’s intentions are true. Their commitment is for real. Trust the experience you share with them and build a magical reality together. At work, be careful not to fall for words. Listen with intent, however do not be in a hurry to respond. Watch for actions aligned to what has been discussed and you’ll begin to see the gaps. Use your network well this week. Seek connections, ask for access to resources and have meaningful conversations. This is not a week to do things alone. Let the people in your life help in whatever way they can and fulfil the part they are meant to play in your journey. 

Intention: I’m choosing to reach out as I need.

Scorpio: October 24–November 22


Financial gains as well as the beginning of a new project is on the anvil. If you need to follow up or initiate conversations, do so immediately. Your ideas hold merit and the Universe is conspiring to make them your reality. Tie up loose ends. The delays you are facing are because you are not taking timely action. Quit procrastinating and do the work. Make those calls, send those emails, get those meetings done. However, take your time to make decisions this week. Be it routine choices or then big decisions that will impact your life ahead, sleep over it. Ideally this is a week to make as few choices as you can. Some are at risk of making a big decision because they are fed up of waiting. This is the sign you’ve been seeking – don’t do it.

Intention: I’m choosing to be proactive this week.

Sagittarius: November 23–December 21


Heads up – disappointment ahead. Some of you are going to feel rejected, dejected and unsupported this week. But there will be an obvious element of exaggeration and overreaction on your part. Tone down the drama as well as your expectations. It’s not the end of the world; you haven’t been betrayed by a loved one; and you are not going to end up alone. Many of you need to start playing by the rules. Be realistic about things including people. Do as has always been done. For this week stop expecting your story to be different or extraordinarily. In order to help you, the Universe is going to make you make some tough choices. Remember, the key is to be clear about your desire and what it entails.

Intention: I’m choosing to realign my expectations realistically.

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