Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For The Week


Resolutions – not the new year kind, but the kind that solves fights and brings peace; that’s what many will experience this week. Mending of equations, healing relationships, understanding boundaries and where we stand in each other’s lives. A week of many blessings, each of us will receive gifts in different forms this week. What have you been aiming for or then longing for? Many things will move in your favour and life will feel full of potential. Remember to ask for help and use your network efficiently. The people you need are already there in your life. But you need to reach out.

Capricorn: December 22 – January 20

Wait. Watch all that is playing out. This is not a week for impulsive actions or pushing through your plan. You will receive calls and messages that will guide you to tweak your plans in very specific ways. Listen. Pay heed else you’ll face losses you can easily avoid. Pauses are important. You need to let all that you have done so far transform your reality and current circumstances. Your efforts have to bear fruit only then can you be sure of your next move, your way forward. You also need to change the way you think and feel about success. A very unhealthy belief around succeeding will create chaos that you can do without.

Aquarius: January 21 – February 18

Is it for real or then is this your mind just being melodramatic? Were you really “betrayed” or “abandoned”? Or then what happens was inevitable given the person involved or then your reactions, responses and choices? Remember everything in life is building up to something, something you’ve been wanting to create and experience. You have to be willing to work through the obstacles and deal with the rough times without making it a conspiracy theory or then one where the world is against. This is life – sometimes good and sometimes tough. It’s not over yet. No matter what has happened, things will turn around and there will be resurrection of sorts.

Pisces: February 19 – March 20

Closure – that’s your one word brief. Tie up loose ends, complete tasks, put discussions to rest and move on. Sometimes letting go is not enough. You may have to detach from that old reality entirely. You have evolved and it’s time to be this new you with absolute stubbornness and conviction. Life happens. But your priorities will always guide you to the light. Expect minor conflicts this week and keep “what really matters” in mind. Respond with awareness of the result you want to experience. Make sure your desired result is realistic and not another rhetorical conversation.

Aries: March 21 – April 20


Work hard to put the pieces in their right place. You’re building something up. This is a process and there’s a system you need to follow. Don’t defy laws of physics by ignoring the foundation or not taking the emotional weight of certain things into consideration. Imagine the heights you want to scale. It’s all possible. You can rise up if you watch your pace and keep your wits about. Completion, achieving that end result, being touted as successful is of no importance if you don’t watch yourself through the journey of growth. Each step results in a bunch of circumstances and you have to work through each of those pieces before you place the next layer. Flow through things this week without struggling to control it all and you will gain some very useful insights.

Taurus: April 21 – May 21


Be flexible this week with your schedule, your way of thinking and how you do things. Rigidity is not going to help you. You don’t always know the best way forward. Never lose sight of this truth. There are many choices to be made this week. Some will be tough decisions while others will be obvious. However make sure you don’t make the latter an unnecessary struggle. A lot can happen for you and you can have it all. The question however remains – can you live it all joyfully? It’s one thing to state your list of wants, it’s another to be present and live it fully. If you dream big, you have to have the heart and stomach to live the reality you want to manifest.

Gemini: May 22 – June 21


Be fair. You are living exactly what you wished for. Everything is moving as per ideas you had. So now why are we complaining? A lot of the struggle you are experiencing is within you. You’ll be surprised to know that the external reality including people are going to react very differently. Be flexible in what you believe and expect. Everyone is shifting their energy thanks to your choices as well as actions. The results you seek will come in the form of changed behaviours. However, you cannot behave the old way either. This is the beginning of a new life. Flow with faith and acceptance.

Cancer:  June 22 – July 22


It’s a week for hard action. There’s no rest this week as there is a lot to be done. Wake up everyday with the energy and willingness to get things done. Harmony and a sense of loyalty will be experienced this week. Relationships will flow towards commitment and those who are single but kind of exploring an equation with a special someone can trust all that they are feeling. Partnerships will flourish this week and each pair finds their magical rhythm. Lean into your partner’s energy, be it a professional or personal one. Life needs us to participate. Things cannot happen without direct action on our part. Be willing to take chances and do what’s needed.

Leo: July 23 – August 23


Good news or then a word of guidance – expect to get a very specific call that will dictate your next few steps. The Universe talks to us in many ways and very often these are direct messages. Contrary to many who believe that “reading signs’ requires one to have Sherlock Holmes’ abilities, this week you won’t have to deduce anything. The Universe will give it to you straight, loud and clear. The problem will be if you aren’t willing to take no for an answer. Be conscious about what you think of their person giving you the message. It may make it harder for you to accept the truth or then the wisdom especially if the person is a family member.

Virgo: August 24 – September 22


Follow your experience and wisdom. You know better than whatever guidance you may be receiving from others. You’ve been here before, you’ve done this and succeeded. Trust yourself. The current pace you have chosen is good for now, but be willing to change gears if you need to. Improvise as required and do not be afraid of any detours. They are short and temporary shifts creating space for important realignments. Make bold choices this week and allow yourself to stride forward in the chosen direction. Focus on desires and avoid getting distracted by past mistakes or delays. They are irrelevant.

Libra: September 23 – October 23


Prosperity. This is a week of financial gain and new projects that will lead to growth. The calls you made, the meetings you echad, the hustle you’ve embraced will all result in everything you need and want. Stay on top of it all. Push and nudge. Life is moving as directed by you. Conviction is what matters most right now. Do not change your mind because you are feeling anxious, restless or impatient. All the treasures you seek are in your possession. It’s a matter of how you are going to use it to create more. This is a time to think,plan and be creative in how you use all that you have including your time and energy.

Scorpio: October 24 – November 22


Home is a magical state of being. Enjoy your time with loved ones as well as in realising who you have become. This is just the beginning of a magical phase of life. But you are equipped with experience and wisdom. Use your past to guide yourself through the present into the future you are gunning to create. People who will open doors for you will reach out this week. Keep your schedule open for last minute meetings and to have the conversations your network makes possible. It’s going to be a week full of opportunities that you need to act on very fast.

Sagittarius: November 23 – December 21


The stars are aligning and this week is about your love life coming to be. There will be cause for celebrations as things will progress. Commitments will be made as romantic moments will be created and experienced. You have chosen well. It’s now time to indulge in the love you have chosen. Conflicts are a part of life. That does not mean the love is false or an illusion. It’s just life. It’s just how it’s always supposed to be. Do not reject a beautiful reality for want of permanence or a false sense of “forever”. Be realistic without losing your faith in magic.

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