Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For The Week

Clear some clutter, rest and let life do its thing. This is what this week seems to be about. Have the conversations you’ve been avoiding. Get rid of things you’ve been hoarding. Make room for the energies to shift. Everything right now is in a meant to be phase. This means even the bad things or the tough times need to come to pass. Brace for turbulence and get on with things. Whenever you feel stuck, think of bouncing back instead of trying to solve it all. A lot of tiny things that are meant to be will surprise you or just make you wonder. The more you surrender the better you’ll be able to handle the week.

Capricorn: December 22-January 20

Stop hanging around. Walk away and end the chapter. There is nothing left here and it is safe for you to move on. While this may seem like guidance for a relationship, it might also pertain to work for a few or a conflict of some sort. Read it again and observe what piece of your current reality it resonates with. You are in a beautiful phase where everything in your life is exactly as it was meant to be. Quit fighting the circumstances and work with them instead. There are certain things for which you need to pick up the pace. Stop shuffling your feet and run for it. There are certain things you need to pace yourself on. The biggest boon you have right now is a reassurance from the Universe that it is safe for you to move on those tough life choices. Park the confusion aside and stubbornly focus on your desires.

Aquarius: January 21-February 18

You are pushing for something that is not for you. Ask yourself why the stubbornness to stick around? Is it a fear of failure or is it the illusion of what could be? For some this is an obstacle at work and for some this is about a special someone. Even if you choose to go with the flow right now, it’s not going to pan out the way you wish. Be more conscious about who or what you are choosing to give your energy to. Those in long term relationships need to look at their equation with their partner and understand what are they indulging. They also need to consider how it is impacting or influencing the decisions they make in other areas of their life. There is a change in progress. Do not try to hold on to how things were. What was cannot be once again. Embrace the flow of things and let your life be rearranged as per divine energy.

Pisces: February 19-March 20

Your experience and wisdom that stems from it is your biggest resource this week. You’ve been here, done this so many times that you know exactly how to make the most of it all. The good times are rolling. Put in the effort for things that matter as well as things that seem mundane or routine to you. There’s no such thing as, “this is no longer my job”. Do what you are called to with the right intention and the best energy. The week is peppered with miracle moments. Speak more of what you want than what you don’t. Be very cons IOUs of those one aspect for the Universe is keenly listening to every thought of yours. This is a week to respond appropriately. Impulsiveness, restlessness aren’t helpful companions. Ground your energies to live in the moment and to observe all that is happening without reacting. Breathe and be.

Aries: March 21-April 20

Fate is moving in your favour. But you cannot control this flow. You are not meant to. It would be best to step aside and let life play out as it needs to. Trust that your prayers and wishes have been heard. From here on life is transforming in alignment with your desires. However, you need to watch your thoughts. Think constructively and pull yourself out of the spiral of overthinking the moment you catch yourself. Your thoughts and energy will lead to unnecessary delays if not channeled appropriately. A new phase on unraveling. For some this indicates a new job or a promotion, marriage or a new home. Whatever your current reality this new chapter is a prosperous and abundant time. Make the most of it without getting stuck on any ideas on how it should all be. Instead take what is and live it fully with gratitude and joy.

Taurus: April 21-May 21

This week you need to be very clear with yourself first and then with others about your agenda. What is your motive, your driving force? What do you want what you want or then why do you want to do the things you want to do? You need to sit with yourself and answer some tough questions. Hiding behind “I don’t know” or “I just want it” or “it’ll make me happy” won’t help you to succeed. It’s time to clean up some unhealthy patterns especially those governing the way you communicate. Your actions aren’t helping you. Your way of thinking isn’t helping you. The way you speaking about yourself or to others isn’t helping either. Make the change as you flow through life this week. Instead of trying to control outcomes, let things happen as they are and focus on responding to it all in a better and constructive way. Help yourself this week.

Gemini: May 22-June 21

Go with the flow. You maybe onto something. However, do not give unless you are receiving in return. Someone who has caught your attention and energy is a soulmate. There is a journey to be experienced together. Be sure the person in question is willing before you push this theory down their throat. Remember, irrespective of whether you both are soulmates or not, you both have the free will to choose and that must be respected. At work, for some, this is about a fruitful partnership and collaboration. Tag team efforts will bear better results this week than going it alone. Trust your experience and allow yourself to flow forward without pushing or forcing anything. Let things happen first and then you respond. This is not a week to be proactive; instead it’s best to be responsive.

Cancer: June 22-July 22

The heart you’ve chosen is loyal. Rest assured and lean into this energy. What you are building together is beautiful and strong. Those who are single and have a date planned or are in conversation with someone, approach all conversations with curiosity to get to know the person rather than proving they are not good. Doubt and suspicion are patterns you need to break free of. The more you walk with trust and faith the sooner you’ll move forward towards all that is aligned for you. Ask the right questions, accept the answers and interpret them appropriately instead of struggling to make them fit the narrative already play in your head. “They said this; so that means…” – this way of thinking is something to avoid this week. Remember, you cannot control people or every situation. There are things that play out whether you want it to or not. You need to play along because certain experiences have to be lived.

Leo: July 23-August 23

Your circumstances responds to the choices you make. Choosing to stay silent will also impact your reality and you don’t get to put your hands up and say, “but I did not do anything”. You did. You chose to keep quiet. Take responsibility for the decisions you make including those made in fear or due to hesitations. Working on your weaknesses is your job and life is not doling out any exemptions. You will have any opportune moments this week. Make sure you respond with the right actions. Make the most of all that is available to you this week for there is a lot you can accomplish. Also, remember to ask for help and seek guidance from someone more experienced when needed. This is definitely not a week to do things alone. You must use all the resources and connections available to you if you are to succeed.

Virgo: August 24-September 22

Make things happen this week. Move forward with full energy and thrive in all that you are creating. Channel all your energies into completing certain tasks that will take you towards your immediate goals. Life is good. All is well. Do not dwell on fears and rob yourself of the joy that exists in your life. Everything is safe and well. Breathe and allow yourself to relax as you get things done. This is not a time to fall for false narratives. What seems like murky waters, might actually just be a beautiful lake with the warmest of waters. What is seen is not the whole truth. But what you make of what you see is not the truth either. Be willing to listen. Open up to a different perspective and dig deeper without judgement or to prove yourself right. This week holds the energy of completion. Use it well.

Libra: September 23-October 23

Closure is what you seek. How can you give yourself this? Tie up loose ends, have those pending conversations and take yourself towards clarity. This isn’t about ending things or walking away. This is about moving forward with conviction. Life is beautiful and all the happiness you are experiencing is for real. But it’s time to understand your reasons and why is it that you are creating what you are choosing to create. Whatever it is that you are gunning for; what is it supposed to do for you? This is the question you need to sit with and slowly clarify those pieces of doubt you have been fighting off. This is a week for powerful, honest and clear communication. You need to breathe and do what is right. Your choices have led you here. Take responsibility and make amends. It’s time.

Scorpio: October 24-November 22

A week of hard work lies ahead. Take action and then take some more. The more you stay in the ‘doing’ energy the more in charge you will feel. However, you must follow the rules and do as required without questioning or trying to do it some new way. Certain processes must be followed in life and this is one of those times. This week you will be making some important choices. Make sure you are following the rules that are set. Choose from desire and trust the process. Things are falling into place, but routine details have to be taken care of. There is no escape from everyday life. This is something to bear in mind this week as you do the needful to create the experience you seek.

Sagittarius: November 23-December 21

Communication is the energy this week is tapping into. Indulge in conversations and listen carefully to all that is being said. Messages will be received, se good news and some information that is needed to move forward. Take everything in and let yourself build upon these pieces a reality of your desire. Imagine, visualise and manifest something you want this week. Yes, you’ll need to put in the work. Be present and you’ll know exactly what you need to do. Don’t go looking for shortcuts or some way to speed things up. If you listen carefully you’ll know what you need to do and that will be enough. Certain people in your life are rooting for you and they have the wisdom you need. Identify this lot and make sure you have a constructive conversation with them. A lot can happen over a few words exchanged.


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