Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For The Week

Zodiac horoscope

Avoid drama at all costs especially thanks to other’s tantrums. Do not be pulled into other people’s energies this week. Remember you can feel bad for someone, but you don’t need to save them. Are they even drowning? That’s what you need to check first. Life is at times unfair and justice isn’t always black & white. Stand in acceptance of this truth and maybe you’ll be able to help someone who actually needs your assistance. There will be moments when you’ll be called to stand up for yourself. Remember to be firm; being assertive is not the same as being aggressive and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Trust that there is a plan for your life. Reconnect with your Spirit this week and you’ll be guided to take steps that will feel effortless. The week holds many lessons and blessings. You can’t receive one without the other. Stay open and know that this too shall pass (be it bad or good).

Capricorn: December 22–January 20

This week you need to surrender. You cannot control what is not meant to be controlled. Do not waste time and energy on it. Instead hand that over into a space of higher faith and turn your attention to that which you can do with full conviction. You may never understand why some events occurred, but take the lessons of those times and use it wisely within your current circumstances. For those who need to hear this right now – the financial roadblock you are facing is temporary. You are working very hard towards certain needs and wants. However, you are not ready to move forward at this time and you have to be okay with this. Postpone things until really ready and accept the delays are part of your evolution process. You will get what you want when you become the version you need to be to live it fully. 

Aquarius: January 21–February 18

Opportunities created through authenticity – this week the energies change their flow and sway with a rhythm that places you in the right light. Trust that your needs will be met as long as you ask for them with a bold voice. Unlimited possibilities are now open to you. You don’t need to be forcefully ambitious. Instead you are simply required to willingly show up for your desire. Love among family and friends will be an experience to savour. Your heart’s calling will be answered; so make that wish loud and clear. Avoid letting others choose for you this week. Indecision will cost you heavily. Even if you make a wrong choice, you will always have a second chance readily and almost immediately available to you. However, not making a choice at all will amount to forfeiture. Show up and take a rightful stand. 

Pisces: February 19-March 20

Think long term without paying any attention to current fluctuations. Your dream, ambition, goal, desire, call it what you may, needs you to remain emotionally invested. This week will be one of mixed emotions. Joy, disappointment, clarity, uncertainty – all will party together in your head. Do not let the racket they create throw you off. Breathe and remind yourself that this is just the beginning of a new phase and once things settle you can make your move. Stay true to who you are and you’ll always receive all that is yours. You are entering a phase of rebellion to own up to your true self. Invention and transformation are never comfortable processes. Embrace the discomfort as part and parcel of the current journey. Let go of fear and trust that you’ll walk through this tunnel into a light aligned to your highest goal.

Aries: March 21-April 20


A full week peppered with an abundance of various kinds. Avoid struggling to impress others, especially someone very specific. It’s unnecessary, they already have eyes on you for the right reasons. Do not overdo things. Subtlety is the strength you need to show up with. Some of you will feel the call of your higher purpose this week. Make sure you don’t judge the packaging it comes in. Every choice you make holds the potential of good fortune. Be open to receiving and creating what you want. Communicate clearly with curiosity or conviction whichever is appropriate. The validation you seek will be given this week. Be careful not to reject it because it isn’t from the person you expected it. Good news will come to you in the form of a phone call, an email, a WhatsApp message or then through a conversation you will be drawn in to. Listen and give thanks. 

Taurus: April 21–May 21


Pull back, create some distance between you and that object of interest. Perspective is very important right now and you need to look at the same situation from afar. Understand your own circumstance from a neutral point of view. Do not let muddled up feelings stir up the drama. Take a few breaths before you respond instead of reacting on an impulse. This is a week to have faith in your connections and to know that things will improve in the days to come. At work you are being asked to connect with your goals and check in to see what needs to be tweaked. Beware of compromising your integrity in order to be part of something. There is no need to reduce yourself to fit other people’s limitations. It is your time to stand tall holding up the mirror for them to see the truth and choose to evolve. Stand out boldly instead of struggling to fit in this week.

Gemini: May 22–June 21


When the truth is too painful we choose to deny it by changing the narrative. However, this denial often reveals a different truth. The thing, situation or person you are pining for; what do you really seek? What will happen if you just accept that it is what it is? Sit with this question even if you are doing your best to accept, but are unable to for whatever reason. There’s a deeper truth you need to work through. The current path to happiness and success is a gamble. Whether the outcome is as you wish or not, the journey will be fulfilling and this is the truth you have to become comfortable with. Bet on your skills in a different arena and know that ‘right time-right place’ is a work in progress for you at the moment. You will stumble upon your coin of gold soon enough. However, this is not a time to throw tantrums for guarantees. It’s a time to let go and see what Spirit plants in your imagination.

Cancer: June 22–July 22


Don’t fight what’s not in your control. Don’t dictate outcomes. Just let things happen as your actions need to only be aligned to your conviction. What you know even without physical proof is the bigger truth. Loving someone by accepting them for who they are is a superpower you possess. Use this well this week. Any financial setback is temporary. Treat it as a form of protection instead. We all feel powerless at times in certain situations. This isn’t always a bad thing. It’s what guides us into a space of surrender for our own good. This week is one of those. Certain things that you want and have been working towards have a hefty price tag on them beyond just money. So if there’s a delay, give thanks. A small delay to prevent a big loss is a gift of abundance. Also, be careful not to be the only giver in your relationships. You are not a victim when you allow yourself to be treated a certain way. You no longer need to prove anything. Breathe and be still in such equations.

Leo: July 23–August 23


This is a powerful week that offers you the chance to see how circumstances fit together. Struggling to control the flow of every piece will be counterproductive. Instead, can you let go and stand back? Can you let the tides guide you to a magical shore full of experiences you’ve been seeking? Stop scrambling and love as well as money will find you. Address your beliefs around love, relationships, success and money this week. The Universe is calling you to do the work. But you already know this, don’t you? Your inner voice is telling you the truth. Trust your instinct about people and the role they are to play in your life. Trust your gut about the chances you need to take at work. Your hypersensitivity is your strength this week. Use it to tune into the guidance of the ancient beings as they give you ideas and place you in conversations that give you the answers you seek. 

Virgo: August 24–September 22


Community, family, friends – the volume is turned up high in these zones as you are being guided to belong with love and harmony. Spend time with the group that gives you joy. Stand in the presence of like-minded energies absorbing all that you need and offering all that you choose to. It’s a phase of discovery and learning where you are understanding what you share and don’t share in common with others. You are learning to say it’s okay, I can still love and be loved. Something meaningful is manifesting. Even if it seems tiny or insignificant at the moment, it’s a sign that this door will soon swing open much wider and you’ll step into an abundance of a fierce kind. Align your thoughts, words and actions for now. Can you find a way to achieve fairness right now? Your core relationships ask this of you. Everyone who matters is your guide just as you are a guide to them. Open up to accepting even that which is not comfortable.

Libra: September 23–October 23


You made the right turn, now go with the flow. You have to ride the wave you chose till it lands you on the shore meant for you. This week can feel effortless if you just allow yourself to go with the flow. In your love life, let both your personalities shine to allow your relationship to form its own identity. Let go of control that’s stemming from a need to protect yourself. You are safe. At work look at how you define your personal currency and allow yourself to act in accordance with your talents and personal skills. Long term goals matter at this point. Do not be swayed by short term gains and do not let impatience create a narrative of failure. Your relationship needs your stamina and endurance to build what you both dream of. Your work needs you to recognize the momentum and to build on it. Stoke the fire of creation this week for love, success and financial gains.

Scorpio: October 24–November 22


Listen to your gut, intuition, instinct, calm it what you may. What you know is what you should follow. You are always protected and divinely guided. Be brave and walk the path the Universe has placed you on. Be aware of your true nature and focus on your spiritual energy this week. A very specific kind of magic is at play in your life. At work, remember to give credit where it is due. Gratitude only leads to more abundance. You are the decision maker in your life and you need to take on this responsibility. Even if the choice you know you have to make isn’t a happy one, is it for everyone’s highest good? If the answer is yes, take that tough step forward and know that in time you will be rewarded. In your professional sphere embrace change, demand it even as you are at a juncture from where growth is the only option. Negotiate for that higher pay and bigger designation or then work up towards it strategically. 

Sagittarius: November 23–December 21


Were you really let down or are you exaggerating? Does the other person need to make amends or do you need to rework your expectations to be more realistic? The Universe will never abandon you, but it will send you lessons in a tough way every now and then. What can you learn from your recent experience? For some this entire tough lesson bit might still be on its way and so be open to learning what you need to quickly. You cannot be all things to all people and they cannot always be there for you the way you need and want. What will it take for you to accept this and realign your beliefs? It is when you succeed at this realignment that emotional and financial abundance will grace you with its presence. Tune out of your internal drama to tune into the Universe’s frequency of abundance. A lot is available to you this week. Drop your guards and take it.

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