Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For The Week


This full moon is rising from the shadows as we experience our very first lunar eclipse of 2024. The energies this week will be very intense. Emotions will run high as we grapple with our own shadows. Those who can introspect constructively will heal. Those who have handed the mic to judgement, really need to work on reclaiming their power. This week’s readings are channelled through our animal spirit guides. So read carefully as Mother Nature guides us through them.

The Bear Spirit tells us to take time out. Yes, it’s time to rest and pause. You cannot go within unless you choose to be still. Restlessness had best be avoided. The Mouse Spirit tells us to tend to the small things. Watch your routine and get those mundane daily tasks done. We all want the glamour of big moments and gestures. But with the shadow of the eclipse still looming on us, it’s best to be low-key this week. Use this time to dream and manifest, says the Lizard Spirit. Do not mistake the stillness for dormancy. Nothing has stopped for even in the pause the elements of nature are working their magic. The more you visualise, the more your reality will shift.

Capricorn: December 22-January 20

Embrace the change and let your life transform. The Butterfly Spirit is guiding flitting into your space to tell you that the painful times are signs of growth. But you are at that final stage and once you allow your wings to open up fully, it’ll be a free flight within moments. Focus on the beautiful reality you are creating instead of giving the discomfort any more attention than it needs. You cannot avoid what must be done anymore. Time is no longer waiting for you. If you wish your reality to be filled with the fleeting moments of joy you are experiencing now, you need to take those tough decisions, have those hard conversations and take those fear-filled steps forward boldly. The time to languish has come to an end. Like the butterfly, take what you need and move on. The beauty of your presence will always help those you leave behind.

Aquarius: January 21-February 18

Life is speeding up as the Antelope Spirit gallops into your energy field. It’s time to get clear about what you want and to get moving. Look at your current life; your daily life – what does it entail? What have you been investing in emotionally? Are you present with an intention or have you just been going with the flow? You cannot dump the weight of making choices on life. There are no guarantees and yet you need to make your own choices. The time to get clear about what actually matters to you is approaching and this is a good week to be in action mode. The time to think has passed. Show up for all that you have committed to with your whole being and choose to be fully present. Only then will life reveal the gifts that have your name on it.

Pisces: February 19-March 20

You are completely tuned into the frequency of manifestation. The Lizard Spirit is guiding you to imagine a new reality, a different set of circumstances. If you park to the side what is and just close your eyes, what can be shall be revealed. Limitless possibilities dance within the vibration of abundance. Set aside all those what-ifs and conversations of lack. Look for inspiration and you will see so much that catches your eye. Don’t get stuck on how you can make it happen. Instead, just spend time visualising what you want. As you paint the details, the how will begin to reveal itself one step at a time. As you follow the guidance and take these steps your reality will begin to shift. This is not a time to move fast. In fact, it’s a time to be still and to think your life into being.

Aries: March 21-April 20

Before you go about proving yourself to others, acknowledge your worth to yourself. The Skunk Spirit is raising a stink about all the external validation you have been seeking. Other people don’t decide whether you are good enough or not. You do. Who do you want to be seen as? Do you have those qualities and do you act like it? The answer to this second question will lead you to who you are at this moment in your life. That’s the version you need to first accept before you push yourself to be better. To be better, you have to first be good. This week the full moon’s shadows have drawn your shadows out too. Don’t run from your own darkness, don’t reject or curse it. Our shadows have their own purpose and you’ll realise that what you judge yourself for might be the exact strengths you need right now.

Taurus: April 21-May 21

The Nightingale Spirit flies to you with the message “this too shall pass”. Tough times don’t last and you just need to hang on for a little bit longer. As the next week will dawn, so also the better times will come into the light. You are tremendously loved. Do not mistake one person’s inability to love you the way you want to be the complete absence of love in your life. This phase of things not working out is coming to an end. As the energetic shadows of this eclipse will fade, so also will the obstacles in your life. Spend time this week reclaiming your sense of faith. Identify the abilities you need to hone and put to use to achieve the goals you’ve set. This kind of internal realignment will ensure that you will churn out faster results when the sun throws down those rays of opportunities next week.

Gemini: May 22-June 21

The Bee Spirit is buzzing bringing favourable news. This week you will experience victories. Sweet results for all the hard work you have put in. Keep your ego aside. Who you think you are and how you believe you should be treated – be careful not to let these get out of hand. Do not get ahead of yourself. Stay grounded and connected to Spirit. This is a week to be part of the bigger picture and not focus on your identity as an individual. Who else is part of this picture and what shades do you exude together? This week, think of your life as a whole. Love, work, friends, family, you – everything is connected. Be conscious of your energy flows through this hive you call your world. The Universe ensures that you have a limitless supply of sweetness. Turn it into the magic you need. That magic is called belief.

Cancer: June 22-July 22

Be curious to learn. Yes, you have a lot of knowledge and you have wisdom of experience. However, there’s a new skill to learn this week, new ways of being to imbibe. There are beautiful surprises hiding in plain sight. The Porcupine Spirit warns you that if you act like a know-it-all, you’ll miss these opportunities. Act like you know nothing and you will receive the gift of miracles. Listen, observe and absorb. This is not a time to act like you know better nor is it a time to fight to have the last word. Walk through this week with a childlike energy. Be playful and filled with wonder. Opportunities will be drawn to your openness and you will find connections that will lead you down the path of prosperity.

Leo: July 23-August 23

Stand tall and get a top view of the entire picture. Stop zoning into details and getting caught up in trivial issues. This is not about what is happening in one tiny part of your life that you seem to have magnified. It’s about looking at the full picture. How is this tiny part connected to the whole and what consequences are the reactions in this space setting into motion within all aspects of your life? How does one part affect the rest? This week is all about opening your eyes and changing your perspective. Being stubborn about your viewpoint is unhelpful and unwise. There are many important and helpful facts you seem to be missing. In fact, in certain things, you might be missing the entire point. Pull back and take a higher stance to see what exactly is going on beyond what you can see, says the Giraffe Spirit.

Virgo: August 24-September 22

Who are you vs who you are being – this is the realignment you need, says the Canary Spirit. This is more about your relationships than it is about work. This week is about the people in your life, especially that romantic partner. It’s time to stop hiding your authentic self. Ask and you shall receive. However, don’t be stuck on receiving in what you consider the perfect way. Open up to another’s way of loving and you will be able to sing your tune and have them join you too. You are loved tremendously. But your need for order and perfection may push people to stand on the sidelines. However, this need is not one of your authentic self. Release these conditioned beliefs and you will find your voice of harmony that will shift your relationships into a space of joy and togetherness.

Libra: September 23-October 23

Walk ahead. Make big strides this week. You need to lead and you need to call the shots, says the Stag Spirit. If you feel you are not up to this job this week, look in front of you. The magical stag stands tall ready to guide you. You will know what you need to do at every given moment. There is no need to run, to hurry. Take time and walk at a graceful pace of knowingness. You are in a learning phase and new skills need to be picked up. All eyes are on you. Walk with confidence and be the example others need. Your compassion is your strength and your generosity is a gateway to abundance. Share your knowledge, experience and wisdom to guide others but also use these to build your dreams. As you transform your reality so will that of others also shift. Take the lead.

Scorpio: October 24-November 22

Stop overthinking, says the Pig Spirit. Yes, it is an anxious time and your thoughts and feelings may feel muddled. However, rest is a better option than to react in ways that might end up being counterproductive. Do not let your insecurities or sense of lack influence your choices this week, especially in your relationship. Some of you may be feeling vulnerable. Understand what is triggering these emotions. How much of it is because of your thought process and how much of it is because of your partner’s actions? Ask questions to gather information and not to blame or solve. Express yourself from a space of trust and faith instead of a state of helplessness triggered by fears. You are safe and your life is good. Do not let temporary pains become permanent wounds. Use your mind intelligently.

Sagittarius: November 23-December 21

Your faith seems to have been shaken or then some of you are experiencing a complete loss of it. The Crow Spirit flies in creating a ruckus in your life only to remind you that the Universe’s magic never runs out and your faith can never be destroyed. Whatever mistakes have happened or losses have been incurred, a chance to course correct is available to you this week. Improvise instead of wallowing. Your current circumstances are a temporary state of being and you need to just hang in there. A change is inevitable and if you can take responsibility for the role you played you’ll allow the shift to take place almost immediately. Your life is not happening to you. Helpless victim energy will not help right now. Be bold, be loud and move forward with integrity. All will move in your favour soon.

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