Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For The Week


What have you planned for this week? What’s your schedule looking like? Only that what is meant to be will pan out. So if anything gets cancelled or rescheduled remember to whisper a thank you to the Universe. If you are trying to do too much your plans will get reorganized whether you like it or not. If you are rushing something, you’ll be stalled from making any progress. Pace will matter this week as the Universe will force you to drop the impatience and embrace an aligned intention.

Capricorn: December 22–January 20

There’s a revival of sorts to be experienced this week. At work opportunities you thought were lost will be offered again and this time the energy of success will be stronger. In relationships, the energy of second chances will churn. Whatever you thought was a failure or a loss will present itself in a new shape. Many will experience that moment of commitment they’ve been longing for. Marriage proposals or proof of loyalty are on the cards this week. At work, be aware of your partner’s presence and know that you can trust them. This is a week filled with blessings and good news. Live every moment with the intention to celebrate and you’ll always have enough reasons. 

Aquarius: January 21–February 18

You know and yet you resist. Are you bring stubborn or is it fear that holds you back? Those who need to choose love, your path crossed with the person in question for s reason. Embrace the journey and your life will evolve with a magical synchronicity. Those who need toskr big decisions at work or about finances, your hunch is bang on. Your current train of thought and your perspectives are in alignment with the outcome you seek. This is the week to go the distance for every dream and aspiration you have. Avoid cutting corners, taking the easy way out or refusing to commit. Go all in.

Pisces: February 19-March 20

A new phase begins this week. New ideas, opportunities that will open new doors, new connections that will lead to success, love and prosperity. Good times ahead is the exact sign the Universe is flashing at you. Make sure you do not invite fear, control and pessimism to the party. Follow the rules and do as has always been done. Say yes to all that the Universe is offering instead of unnecessarily arguing with others who are involved because you just have to prove a point. Idealism will not be helpful this week. Be realistic and interact with the world from space of making the most from what is. 

Aries: March 21-April 20


Get up and make it happen. In the dating game, make the first move. At work, take the chance and pitch that idea. In a long term relationship open up and be vulnerable. What do you want to experience? Do what you need to. The energies are moving in your favour and your actions will be rewarded. Life has taught you well; but do you remember the lessons or are you repeating the mistakes? Read the fine print this week and put your wisdom to use. You aren’t facing anything that you don’t already know how to handle. If you are feeling helpless, know that you aren’t using your knowledge and experience well. Think and draw on the past wisely.

Taurus: April 21–May 21


Life is moving ahead; are you? The past is done. That story is over. Quit resting on past laurels or then holding on to grudges. Get on with life in the present and open up to what’s in front of you. What do you want – love, success, money, stability, appreciation, acknowledgement, recognition? You can get it all, provided you take the chances you need to take right now. Observe how things progress this week and consider your options well. This is a week to warch who us doing what and realign your responses in your relationships. At work, you need to look for effort a lot more than big talks. Do not make any big decisions this week. Allow life to give you the evidence you need.

Gemini: May 22–June 21


Your authenticity will lead you to success this week. Be it in love or then at work, sweet victories await you. What your heart desires will come to be. All that you show up for and act towards will result in what you need and want. Your intention aligned to authenticity will guide you towards joy. Be flexible though and do not look at life or people’s choice from a black and white lens. Stay open towards people, their way of thinking, behaving as well as the choices they make. The more room you give someone, the more you are giving yourself the same. Move forward slowly.

Cancer: June 22–July 22


Don’t challenge fate right now. Be aware of who you are, what your current circumstances are and what you are willing to do in a given situation. Don’t judge others for their faults while you are defined by your own. Observe yourself and break free of your need to control situations or outcomes. Avoid telling people how they should be or behave. In professional as well as personal settings you need to practise letting people be. You are not meant to be in control of anyone except your own reactions and choices. Accept life and people for who you are and you will see a new set of beautiful circumstances begin to unravel in your life.

Leo: July 23–August 23


To counter the sense of loss you are grappling with; the Universe will wrap you in warm hugs this week through tiny moments of joy. You need to know you are not alone and you haven’t been abandoned. The situation or person who has let you down; is it really as bad as you are making it out to be in your head? What does this pain tell you about you? It’s time to move on, maybe, for these connections have served their purpose. This is a sign of growth. It’s time to clean out your contact list and make room to add some new names and numbers. Whatever the nature of your loss, know that you will always be surrounded by love and strong bonds.

Virgo: August 24–September 22


The Universe has turned up the action mode this week. Gear up for a hectic week where a lot can happen provided you get up and get things done. There are no obstacles any more. Make your move and everyone will respond in a favourable manner. A lot is going to fall into place this week. Take care of your health and keep pace with it. This week you also need to clear out thoughts, feelings, plans and equations that no longer serve you any purpose. It’s time to let go of things that are weighing you down. There is a lot to be accomplished and anything that won’t matter five years from now is just weight you are lugging around. 

Libra: September 23–October 23


You’re not quite out of a situation, but another one connected to this is progressing smoothly. Transitions are often full of muddled circumstances and require you to be in a state of active limbo. This means you need to be present and live these circumstances as much as possible without forcing outcomes, but rather walking with a certain faith in your intention. Nothing is sure right now and so anything is possible. Choose to not lean towards failure as the outcome. In fact breathe and trust how you feel and are being made to feel. Life is evolving and your future is slowly becoming your present. You know all that you need to know. Nothing is hidden. However disappointment is assured if you seek guarantees.

Scorpio: October 24–November 22


You already know you have a busy week ahead. Stick to all your appointments and mould your life into all that you want it to be. Show up and take chances. Balancing things will be a challenge this week. But know that you are surrounded by people who get you and trust you. Take the liberties you have earned, cash in favours to make your life easy this week. You have many plans brewing in your head. However a bunch of them need to be temporarily paused. Watch your sleep and make sure you are pencilling rest into your schedule. You need your health to succeed at your purpose.

Sagittarius: November 23–December 21


It’s over. This relationship, partnership, fight, argument, phase of life – in whichever way that first statement resonates with you, you need to let that very thing go and focus on moving on. Everything has a life span and you need to stop stretching things beyond the expiry date. There’s a lot of work to be done this week. Focus on yourself and your immediate surroundings. Park the big dreams and goals aside for this week and take care of the simple things. Life will not pass you by and you are not running out of time. But you need to take stock, you need to consolidate or recalibrate. You need to heal and realign your intentions as well as plans.

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