Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For The Week


This week is about finding the balance between making things happen and letting things happen. Every situation must be tackled individually and you need to make this choice multiple times in a day. But once you make it, breathe. It will move forward as desired, things will fall into place. This week life will flow at a steady rhythm for most.

Capricorn: December 22 – January 20

Prosperity and abundance are exactly as you define them right now in your life. For those struggling financially, you’ll receive a reprieve of sorts. For those wanting to grow in their career, it’s time to say yes and grab the opportunity you’ve been offered. And as for your personal life, think about where you are at this point and what are you waiting for. The moment you zone into what you truly want sans any conditions, the Universe will make you happy. New beginnings are available to you immediately.

Aquarius: January 21 – February 18

Stubborn want at any cost – is this the stone you are stuck under? Obsessing is going to get you nowhere. There’s nothing romantic about chasing after something that’s fleeing from you or does not want to be caught by you. Accept that this opportunity, experience, person or thing is not for you right now instead of setting yourself up for rejection and failure. Cut your losses and walk away. Nobody gets everything they want despite whatever so-called truths Instagram spews. And everyone gets all that is meant for them provided they evolve into who they need to be in order to live that desire fully.

Pisces: February 19 – March 20

Move, move, move! Get out of the past already. The future has turned into the present and you still have one foot stuck in what happened. Safeguarding yourself is different from teaching someone else a lesson. Stop letting your opinion of the time they served dictate your actions. It’s not for you to judge how or how much somebody else should pay for the wrong they’ve done. But it is only upon you to thrive in the life you have rebuilt. From this moment on, commit to enjoying your life no matter what. You are safe. You are loved. All is and will be well.

Aries: March 21 – April 20


Heartbroken and disappointed this week, are we? Take a break and give yourself some space to process what happened. Avoid exaggerating the situation and reactions of others. Take two steps back and look at what you were expecting. Is there a truth perhaps that you need to accept? You have been living wrapped up in many illusions – some you were taught and some you created. It’s time to look at reality and accept what actually is and not keep whining about or pining for how you think it should be. You cannot and do not get to dictate someone else’s beliefs and choices.

Taurus: April 21 – May 21


The result you are experiencing is thanks to the choices you are making. No points for guessing who needs to change then! You keep doing the same things and you keep crying about it all being the same. Stop fooling yourself and thinking it’s everyone else’s fault but yours. What can you do differently this week? This one question will lead you down a rabbit hole of uncomfortable truths and feelings. But work on yourself and crawl back out towards all that your life actually is and can be. You’ve given something way too much importance and it’s time to change.

Gemini: May 22 – June 21


This is not a week to leave things unfinished. You will trip on one of those loose ends you know you should have tied up a long time ago. Closure is your one word brief for the week. An old relationship that you refuse to get over, something at work that has missed multiple deadlines, a habit that always bites you in the rear. What will it take for you to take charge of your day and life, and really focus on the things that matter. A storm is blowing your way. Make the changes before the Universe does so forcefully. The pain can be avoided and life can transform with ease and joy.

Cancer: June 22 – July 22


It’s the right thing to do. Your thought process is bang on. Your life is moving in a direction that’s best for you. There! That’s the Universe reassuring you that everything is okay and that you are enough. Cast aside all doubts and just allow yourself to be this week. Stand in the energy of “what is” instead of shuffling your feet around an illusion called “what can be’. Love and harmony are available to you in abundance and all your partnerships are in sync with your highest good. You can trust. You can thrive.

Leo: July 23 – August 23


It’s okay if everything is not panning out exactly as you want or then when you want. This is a time to be a little flexible and stand in a sense of higher knowing that things are falling into place. The Universe is moving a few pieces around because your instructions have been very specific. Stop creating roadblocks for the Universe now by throwing tantrums and spiralling down in that ‘running out of time’ energy. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be happy and enjoy things the way they are. This simple shift in energy will speed things up a lot.

Virgo: August 24 – September 22


You did not lose anything except all that was fake. You will experience a regeneration of sorts this week. New life is sprouting from the ruins of something you thought was good. Let life do its thing. You are in the best phase of your life right now and abundance is always available to you. Spend time with your partner and let romance be your point of focus. Know that the professional partnerships in your current space are also aligned to your highest good. However, consciously avoid repeating old communication patterns. Be aware of the emotional investments you make.

Libra: September 23 – October 23


You made a choice and you should definitely stick to it. It’s a good decision. However you need to now live this desire fully. Park your doubts and fears aside. There will be days you’ll have to take tiny steps forward and then there’ll be days you’ll be running full speed ahead. Pace is what will matter the most. Basically, it’s time to accept that the “what” has manifested and now the focus should be on the “how”. This is an entirely new life. Avoid infusing it with old rules. Everything will be different in this new life and you need to brace the change wholeheartedly.

Scorpio: October 24 – November 22


When the stars have aligned, who are you to question anything? Your only role from here on is to show up and live the experience. Yes, it’ll be hard work; a lot of effort. But every little thing you do will translate into limitless joy and happiness. You have never been one to shy away from doing the work. Don’t start now either. This guidance stands true for things happening in your personal life as well as professional. It might be helpful to take stock of your desires and the wishes you’ve made. Dress up and show up. That’s all that’s expected of you this week.

Sagittarius: November 23 – December 21


Love is the loudest aspect of your life this week. That special someone you’ve met recently, take a chance on them. Don’t run into the future. Stay in the moment and completely tune in to how they make you feel. Those in long term relationships including marriage, you have a good thing. Stop questioning it. The more you accept your partner for who they are, the more you will receive from them. Your expectations are often faulty and stemming from your beliefs. They completely ignore and sideline your partner’s wants and beliefs. You do not get to dictate the shoulds in the relationship.

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