Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For The Week


You need to make something happen; not repeat a behaviour pattern and understand your place within your world. These are the instructions for this week. Be conscious of all three aspects mentioned; they may not pertain to the same situation. There’s a lot of action this week and most of us will be on our feet non-stop. Some will have to reach out to a person of authority for guidance or then to bring that relationship into balance. Many of us need to stop reacting the way we do especially in similar situations or to the same people. This week is all about changing how we look at things and what we expect from people.

Capricorn: December 22–January 20

You’re in a manifestation period. Financial success is a given. The relationship you have chosen will be abundant. Life this week will be in thrive mode. Choose your thoughts and responses wisely. Focus on joy and love. Stay in the rhythm of optimism and flow. Deal with tough things intending to succeed especially if it’s difficult conversations. Expect good news and a reward or victory of some sort. All that you have given and invested will come back to you manifold this week. All the coincidences and happenings by chance are signs of synchronicity. Set your intention and choose to thrive.

Aquarius: January 21–February 18

It’s a time of endings and completion. Walk away for it has nothing more to offer. If this is a relationship, let go. If it’s a work related conundrum, cut your losses. If it’s about an ongoing argument, stop trying to prove a point. What’s done is done and there is nothing more left to be done. Moving on is of utmost importance now. Finding happiness and joy in daily, routine things is of utmost importance. Don’t struggle to create a success story yet. You have not failed at life. Life was never meant to be something we succeeded or failed at. It’s just something we need to live to the fullest. Stay in the present and all will be well.

Pisces: February 19-March 20

Stay grounded and do not fall for shiny objects. They are temporary highs that only lead to disappointment. Don’t strive for permanence. Embrace the ebb and flow of life. Just like no two waves of the ocean are the same, stop wanting things in life to be the same. Your incessant need to be in control will lead you to make a choice that is detrimental for you. Be careful about any and every decision you make this week. Don’t fight rejection and look at it as protection instead. What is not working out is good for you. Don’t force something because you are unwilling to rewrite the story that’s already playing out in your head. Remember this guidance could be pertaining to work for some, to love for others and core relationships for yet some others. The price for stubbornness this week is too heavy.

Aries: March 21-April 20


Evolution, change, transformation – it’s time to embrace new circumstances. Stop struggling to stay in the familiar. You’ll do just fine in uncharted waters. Be curious and explore with an open heart instead of judging every moment and move as well as wanting to know the final outcome already. You are not meant to know what is going to happen. You can only know the options you have and you are meant to take chances whether you like it or not. When you walk away from something you also walk towards something. You don’t go from something to nothing. That’s the voice of fear. Walk away from something that’s not working for you and choose what you’d like to walk towards.

Taurus: April 21–May 21


It may have appeared as if you failed. But it was just another bump in the road. Second chances will be available to you this week. But remember second chances often come in completely new packaging. Stop expecting it to be the same person for that is not every bull’s story. Look at your desire from a higher perspective; see the full picture and not just the details. This week is about transition. Things are moving even if it doesn’t seem like that to you. For some this means you need to clean out the clutter; throw away the old. For others this means life will be very slow this week and you need to be okay with that. Remember it is in the transition phase that life creates the best setting within which you’ll make your dreams come true.

Gemini: May 22–June 21


Watch yourself – carefully and with love. The stories you write now will impact how you live from here on. Remember nothing is certain except that life is full of chances and constantly changing. Retreat and take care of yourself. Distancing yourself from every idea you have been nurturing is the best idea right now. Not because you need to give any up, but because you need to recalibrate and realign your motives. Pace yourself at work, in love and in life. Be mindful of what you are running towards and what it will actually add to your life rather than what you want it to or think it will add. You are in this for the long haul and endurance is the lesson the Universe needs you to imbibe.

Cancer: June 22–July 22


Choices, choices and more choices. Do not over analyse the situation. Instead understand whether what is possible and the outcome you want are aligned. You cannot stand in this spot forever. Eventually everything is a chance. So stop looking for a guarantee. There are none on whichever path you choose. Do what you need to this week to restore your peace of mind instead of triggering anxiety. Only when you find that inner state of equilibrium will you make a choice that’s for your highest good. Know that the Universe is moving in your favour and that all that is happening is work in progress towards making a dream come true.

Leo: July 23–August 23


There’s a big win for you this week or then in the next one at best. You have worked very hard and all that is coming to you is well deserved. Breathe and stay present. Stay aligned, persist; however do not over do or step into an over-eager energy. Restlessness and impatience will cause delays. This week is very crucial for some as you are finally beginning to see yourself for all that you are. The time to underplay your strengths has passed. No more hiding in the shadows. Those who aren’t comfortable with being in the limelight need to brace for a very uncomfortable week because you are going to shine very brightly in your personal and professional life this week.

Virgo: August 24–September 22


Look at what is and stand in acceptance first. This is not a week to struggle to change anything. Allow yourself to be and let things flow for a bit. Do not try to change people. Everyone is exactly who they are choosing to be. Do not be defeated by circumstances. Know that things are evolving and fate has many more moves to make in your favour. Many will have to think on their feet and make some tough decisions. Every choice available to you is good for you. The question is what do you want to experience? It’s time to stop looking at life as an uphill climb, but rather thrice in the abundance that is always available to you.

Libra: September 23–October 23


Your intuition is guiding you in the right direction. Trust every thought you have. You have a very powerful way of reading people. Use it well. At work, in relationships and in life you are being shown certain truths. This is not to evoke fear or to give you a free pass to judge anyone, but rather to respond appropriately and choose what’s best for you. Be open to the fact that you don’t have all the answers or the solutions this week. Ask for help, look for support. What you need will always be provided. This is the most important piece of faith you need to hold on to this week.

Scorpio: October 24–November 22


Flow through the week like you know exactly where you are going even if you aren’t entirely sure. The Universe has planted ideas and is sending you perspectives for a reason. A divine plan is at play. Allow yourself to take a few calculated risks this week and have many conversations. Every word you exchange will lead you to the information you seek. With the pros and cons fairly. You want to find a way to make things possible and not the reasons to avoid taking those chances. Do not judge people unfairly either this week especially in core relationships. Everyone has a right to their way of thinking and how they wish to conduct themselves.

Sagittarius: November 23–December 21


Be very careful about how you are assessing things. Do not focus on the superficial. Ask the tough questions and dig deep to get all the important details. This is a week when clarity and the fine print matters. Commitments will be the theme for many. However, don’t judge someone’s loyalty on what you have experienced with somebody else in the past. Give people their due based on their actions. You are safe in love and in that partnership at work. It’s about time you treat your partner with the respect they deserve better instead of constantly putting them to the test thanks to your insecurities. A deep seated belief needs to be rewritten this week.

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