Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For The Week


Everything is exactly as it needs to be right now and the conditions ahead are favourable too. Keep doing what you are doing and working on the things you have chosen to be your points of focus. Don’t expect big shifts, for this week isn’t about changes but rather about covering a certain distance. There will be choices to make. Be aware that what you choose today will dictate what happens tomorrow. Think about what you want more than what thoughts rather avoid. Are you livih to experience joy or to avoid pain?

Capricorn: December 22 – January 20

Be receptive. This isn’t the week to make the first move, but rather to watch if and what exactly does the other person do. Their move will guide you towards the right response which could also involve improvising. The week will reveal certain pieces of information that will play an important role in the choices you will have to make in the near future. Think about what you want life to be like from here on. Do not create spirals of “but what if…” Focus on what you want to experience without delving into how will it happen or what blocks your path right now. This week you speak to the Universe showing the powers that be that you are clear about your desires and that you are willing to do what it takes.

To Do: Day dream… visualise your future into the present.

Aquarius: January 21–February 18

Growth spurts – yes, all week you’ll experience new things coming to be. The land is fertile, the seeds have taken root and now this new phase of life is ready to blossom. Stand in a state of awe and wonder. A few months ago you did not know this is how things would pan out, but look at it all now. There are choices to be made. This isn’t a period of rest, but rather of making curious choices to test and see if the plausible is possible. Think about what you are building and then backwards. Finalise the destination and then figure the best starting point and route to take. The process to do this is already set and all you need to do is follow the footsteps of those before you.

To do: Build it up… lay a strong foundation down.

Pisces: February 19-March 20

Your life itself is a beautiful treasure. Every aspect is the magic you chose a long time ago. Whatever you want to create from here on is in your hands and you already have all the ingredients. What is stopping you is not a lack of resources, but an unwillingness to change. Your home is blessed and so are you. Why then are you running around finding things to worry about, to cry about. Who you are is enough. What your life is like is enough. If you want more, to be more you need to embrace the new that is being offered to you. This is not a week to leave loose ends floating about. You might trip on one of these untethered pieces. Finish tasks and close chapters.

To Do: Completion… finish all pending tasks including giving yourself closure.

Aries: March 21-April 20


Expect a big shift in plans. Somebody is going to change the terms of their commitment and this could very well be you. You are working towards something specific and life might create a detour to ensure you are on the best path. Do not be offended by those who back out or change their mind. In fact say, thank you, for they are saving you some trouble. Consider it to be a form of protection. You don’t need to look outside for validation or help. You need to use what you have better. You aren’t using your own strengths, wisdom and experience to the fullest. Stop wasting time asking others what to do and learn to trust yourself more.

To Do: Breathe deep… trust what is happening instead of panicking at the slightest change.

Taurus: April 21–May 21


You know what you know. Yet you don’t listen to yourself. Instead you are listening to everyone around you and continuing to ask more people the same questions. If you are waiting for someone to repeat the thoughts in your head and to then say, oh, I know all this; stop wasting time. You need to move into action mode and act upon what you think you should be doing and can do. Be observant of other people’s actions and respond appropriately. This isn’t the week to be proactive in relationships. Wait, watch and tweak your behaviour instead. The same goes for partnerships and teams at work. You need to hold back and let certain pieces fall where they need to. Breathe. You are not running out of time.

To Do: Assess… instead of judging and spelling doom, be realistic in your conclusions.

Gemini: May 22–June 21


Learning to be fair will be a big part of this week. There are good things that come out of a situation and then there are lessons; that’s all. Don’t look at the learnings as bad endings. Wisdom and maturity is about learning, adapting and moving on. Avoid the penchant for dramatic reactions. The more you ground your responses, the more fruitful your conversations will be. Life is full of beautiful surprises and chances right now. Take these leaps of faith without overanalysing. Your fear and doubt are only being sounding boards. Be careful not to misinterpret them as obstacles. What is the opportunity in front of you? Look at life – love and career – from this perspective this week.

To Do: You are matured enough. Act like it.

Cancer: June 22–July 22


Play fair this week. Be aware of what rewards and consequences your choices will bring for there will be both. Everything you say and do will result in the good and the not so good. Know that this is okay. The ‘not so good’ results are only highlighting the next lot of obstacles you need to tackle and under each there is an opportunity you need. The victim mode seems to be turned up high for some of you. You are not a victim and you have the power to change your reality almost immediately. Are you willing to change your beliefs and actions though? This is not a week to wallow in self-pity. There’s too many opportunities that will be missed if you choose to do so. The conflict that has caused you this pain will be resolved soon.

To Do: Change… your reactions and behaviour.

Leo: July 23–August 23


A week full of messages, signs and good news. You are being guided. Breathe and follow the signs. When in doubt, pause and ask for another sign. Imagine life to be in harmony and it will be. This is a good week to make plans for the future and know that all that is in store will be aligned to your desires. Life is good. Although you need to loosen up your grip and stop trying to control everything. There are big changes coming your way. These are in sync with what you have been asking for. Your reality will shift to make room for the life you aspire to live to take shape. Think about what you want and stand in clarity for your conviction is a non-negotiable clause in this contract with the Universe.

To Do: Believe… in the signs. The Universe is talking to you.

Virgo: August 24–September 22


Blessings and then some more; that’s what this week is going to be about. What is the abundance you have been waiting for? It is coming through this week. Know that there is no lack in your life. Do not be in a hurry or let your impatience take over. Stand still instead of changing your mind especially when it’s a reflex response to an emotional trigger. You are moving in the right direction. All your plans are aligned. The weather is conducive for everything that you wish to create and experience. Allow the wind to guide your pace and trust that the tides are moving you forward as is appropriate for your highest good. This is not a week to overthink hypothetical scenarios. But rather to focus on constructive throughout and conversations with yourself.

To Do: Be patient… move at a comfortable pace without being over-eager to get things done.

Libra: September 23–October 23


Your intuition has never faltered. Trust what you are feeling and flow with it. Avoid listening to too many opinions. Instead put one foot in front of the other and inch towards your goals. You are blessed with vision and will. Use both effectively this week. Stay in the present. Keep an eye on where you are going. But watch where you place your foot. The more you do in the now, the faster your future will become your reality. Avoid wasting time on the past. Let bygones stay where they belong – behind you with zero attachment. Look at your pending task list at work and all the things you’ve been procrastinating about. Finish it. Make those calls, send those emails, sign in the dotted line.

To Do: Finish what you have started.

Scorpio: October 24–November 22


So many open conversations. This week you’ll find yourself constantly choosing priorities. It’s okay. Remember to choose from desire and keep your goals in focus. You’ll receive good news this week, possibly something that is looking awaited. Conversations will matter more this week. Be aware of who you are talking to and what their response as well as their reactions are. It’ll clearly show you the way forward. Be at peace with everything in your life. A lot is happening and all of it is aligned to your heart. You can trust every experience and know that you are being nudged forward in the right direction. Those feeling restless with regard to their live life need to breathe and cut down the drama in their head.

To Do: Listen… understand, assess and only then respond or make a decision.

Sagittarius: November 23–December 21


Watch who and what you are falling for. While the person you have chosen to date is a soul connection, be aware of what you are signing up for. The person is good for you. However, you aren’t geared up to live this relationship fully. Work through your faulty beliefs and the need to create certain impressions on the outside world. The same goes for decisions at work. Who and what are you partnering up with? Know the strengths and flaws you both bring to the table. Your need to be seen as someone is driving you to rush the process. You are at risk of hurting yourself and sabotaging something that has the potential to be good.

To Do: Look beyond the superficial.

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