Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For The Week


Ask for that sign and the Universe will speak to you immediately. This week you are being guided away from storms. So if you aren’t willing to cancel a plan or a decision, at least delay it. Some of you are at the risk of choosing something that’s not going to work out. You know this and yet you are being stubborn. If your being is rattling with anxiety, sit back down and take a moment. Many will feel the push to evolve. A force from within is going to make it impossible for you to react as always. It’s time to make some tough choices and hard changes this week. Do not waste time. Be decisive and let your reality transform.

Capricorn: December 22-January 20

Stop falling for how it looks on the outside. Set aside your need to be approved of. It’s time to get real about what the person stands for and brings to the table. The same rule applies when assessing a situation or then an opportunity. You have a powerful anchor and unshakeable support from your partner. Lean into this energy. Those who are single, this week you can meet someone with the potential to align. And the ones who are kind of talking to someone and scoping out the possibilities, the person is worth taking a chance on. At work, you need to stop questioning the organisation or your team. Lower the volume of threat and insecurities. Find your centre and first return to peace within. A lot can work out for you this week provided you can look beyond the superficial and work from a space of self-confidence.

Aquarius: January 21-February 18

Play fair, be flexible and work hard – that’s your brief for the week. Don’t throw tantrums about life not being good, if you aren’t clear about what you want and if you are not willing to take a few chances. Life is not in the business of giving guarantees. You have to be flexible when you are working towards something. There are things that will pan out and then there are detours that will need to be created. Whether you are currently focused on your love life or work or both, this is a week to take care of routine aspects. Make sure messages are sent, emails are replied to, calls are made and bills are paid. This week will feel mundane for many and there may not be opportunities to create anything new. Don’t chase novelty. Just get things done without causing any conflicts.

Pisces: February 19-March 20

A week of chaos can be expected as you find yourself pulled into conflicts or then being the firestarter. Either way this week is about evolving into who you should have become a long time ago. Certain ways of being are no longer serving you any purpose and you are currently in a phase of coming into your own. This goes for work as well as personal life. However, the Universe is offering you a few miracle windows. Make sure you use these well. Be clear and speak about what you want with conviction. When in doubt,stay silent and choose to be patient. The Universe will guide you. Do not expend energy on “what if” this week. Many aspects of your life are in ‘wait and watch’ mode. This is a phase of active limbo. Do not get complacent, but don’t get impatient either.

Aries: March 21-April 20

Run towards the finish line and enjoy a sweet victory. Things are moving fast this week and it’s best to keep up. Deal with any fears after you’ve accomplished whatever it is you set out to do. A big piece of your life is falling into place this week. However, some of you need to drag yourselves out of the pit of unwarranted despair you seem to have jumped into. Be happy about the things in your life that are good and work on aspects that need to change. In order to improve you don’t need to dismiss the good stuff. The habit of complaining must be dismissed immediately. Embrace the love and cheer you are surrounded by. Everything you want is coming to be. Make the effort and the Universe will always respond.

Taurus: April 21-May 21

You want a new love. But you are holding on to an ex. Unless you close the door on the past, the future cannot manifest. Who that person is and how that relationship panned out cannot be changed. The problem at the moment seems to be you. For some this means ending a long drawn fight and moving on towards healing the relationship. Stop with the drama and constantly pulling out the past. What has been your role in leading your life to this point? Be accountable for your choices and reactions. Life is not happening to you without your involvement. You are making things happen by behaving a certain way. Get clear about what you want and use this week to realign your thoughts, words and actions. For those who think this guidance is only about one’s love life, read again and apply the same to your process journey.

Gemini: May 22-June 21

Be flexible and patient with yourself. Do not rush into anything and don’t be too quick to say yes. Stand on the back foot in every situation. Watch how things play out before you offer to help. This is not a week to overcompensate for anything or anyone and it’s definitely not the week to be eager. A very powerful opportunity is making its presence felt. It’s a beautiful and abundant new beginning. However, wait till you get the call. Do not make any move, let alone that first move. Life is entering a good phase and the Universe is ensuring you imbibe a few skills before you start living this new chapter. Evolve into who you need to be to create this part of your life. Remember creation takes time and sometimes the journey isn’t cushy. Do not be fazed by tiny disturbances. As long as you are holding your own, you’ll have a good week.

Cancer: June 22-July 22

A big shift is underway or about to begin in your life. Do not resist. The more you accept and flow with it, the better it will be. You asked for something and now the Universe must move a few pieces to give you your desire. However, this is not a time to control things you are not meant to control. Surrender to what is and let plans play out. You need to break free of a habit or a pattern you tend to repeat. Breathe and let go. Stop doing what you always do and land yourself in the same painful position again and again. This is a time to embrace the challenges and become a different version of yourself. Who you are is no longer working for you. What you want and who you need to be for it has to align. All the conflicts around you or the chaos within has a purpose. Allow life to guide you through. Follow the signs.

Leo: July 23-August 23

Those who have been pining for closure, it’s about time you give it to yourself. What is stopping you from moving on? If I told you there’s a better love, a stronger partnership ahead would you let go of the past? Let your relationship with your partner evolve or then let your relationship with love itself evolve. You are being asked by life to understand the rules. Nobody is entitled to anything and everyone creates their own reality. When you create something, you might have to move away from another thing. You won’t always have room for everything in your life. This does not mean that you will live a lesser life. Allow yourself to embrace the present and make the most of everything that is happening today. You are surrounded by love. What will it take for you to indulge this love and thrive in it?

Virgo: August 24-September 22

You are doing everything that you can do and for now this is enough. Breathe and let the tides carry you forward. This is not a week to push unnecessarily. You cannot cover more ground by being impatient or rushing others. A certain decision that you’ve been toying with – it’s a good choice, opportunity or plan whichever fits. Take the leap, the chance. Life is good and things will pan out in your favour. This is a week for calculated risks. It is safe and there is no need to play safe. The Universe will guide you at every step with clear signs. Simply walk with faith. Every conversation you have matters as it will give you information or then the clue to something you need to do. Listen carefully and follow instructions without overthinking. The Universe wants to make it easy for you. Let it.

Libra: September 23-October 23

Restore your sleep pattern immediately. Pencil in rest and breaks in daily as well as weekly schedule. Your creative energies don’t seem to have room to churn the light. There’s a resurgence of something that kind of piped down. But this time you need to be flexible and you need to move more seamlessly. Dance your way through this week making use of the full floor. Don’t get stuck or be rigid. There’s a time for structure, routine and plans. This week is not it. Flow and move slowly. Spring is around the corner and a lot will bloom soon. For now keep tweaking your plans as needed. Improvise and adapt to keep moving forward. The goal this week is progress and not achievement. Whether you take this guidance for your love life or then in your professional space, progress is the achievement you seek.

Scorpio: October 24-November 22

Restart old conversations. Reach out to the connections you’ve lost touch with. This is a week where “what was” is going to transform into “what can be”. So open up the diary and look at all those cancelled or rescheduled conversations that never happened. The week will send many miracle moments your way. Make sure you are repeating your desires like a mantra and steering clear of doubts as well as insecurities. Your inner magnet is tuned to attract exactly what you need to manifest every aspiration you have been nurturing over the last 12 months. The time is now. Stay focused. Be flexible and quick on your feet. A lot can be achieved this week with less effort. Your presence and willingness to act promptly is what will matter.

Sagittarius: November 23-December 21

Find your center. Unless you ground yourself this week you will not be able to get through. It’s a chaotic week for the restless ones who don’t know why they want what they want. Those with clarity and purpose will be the only ones smiling this week. Your motive is going to be questioned by everyone especially your own inner sounding board you call self-doubt. This is a week where conviction in your choices and actions is a must. There are people in your life who give you sound advice. Are you listening? Are you taking authentic guidance into consideration ir then simply being influenced by external validation. This is a week to change the way you think and act in daily life. Ensure that you are not leaning into the superficial and truly understanding your needs, wants and reasons.



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