Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For The Week


March Equinox is upon us and the seasons are changing. The energy of Spring is being infused into our reality. Expect tiny victories. Some might even receive a big win this week. Ask for as much help as you need. This is a good week to meet people from your personal and professional network for any extra support or connections you require. Remember, the stars are shifting into a new alignment and each one of us influences the outcome by the mood we choose to be in. Choose faith over fear.

Capricorn: December 22–January 20

Yes, you can do it. It’ll all work out in your favour. You will succeed as long as you take the leap this week. Say yes and take a deep breath. There is so much abundance to be received this week. In a clear sentence write what you want or what you’re gunning for. Let the Universe align your circumstances to the tee. Some may receive good news and a win they’ve been seeking. This is a time of wealth and prosperity. Think about your sources of income and infuse it with good thoughts of faith and conviction.

Aquarius: January 21–February 18

There will be a revival of sorts this week. Remember the energy of Spring is in the air. The season of new leaves and colourful blossoms sprouting from wisdom filled roots. Let nature guide you. Take in the sunshine or the cool breeze, walk bare feet on grass or on the beach. The more you ground your energies the bigger the opportunity will grow. Blessings of many magical kinds are flowing your way this week. What are you focused on – work, love, money, health or something very specific?

Pisces: February 19-March 20

What are you feeling lost about? Why this sense of being left out? How are you choosing to show up, to be seen, to be heard? There’s a powerful new energy in your life this week and a brand new opportunity will manifest. Are you ready to change your way of living and shift gears? Life needs you to change your internal narrative and the habits you have built upon those. It needs you to embrace the abundance that you possess and the joys your life is already filled with. Choose to focus on what you have instead of what you don’t.

Aries: March 21-April 20


Focus on love and connection this week. Those who are in committed equations, cherish and indulge the energy your partner brings to the table. Think about what you want to offer. Those who are in the dating space, relook at your deal breakers as well as green lights. Bring any exaggerations and unrealistic expectations into balance this week. Judgement and fear only leads to rejection. The ability to understand the other person guides us towards acceptance and making the best choice.

Taurus: April 21–May 21


Don’t push if that’s not part of the usual process. This is not a time to rush things. Follow the rules to the tee and nudge people to stick to it too. Let things take the time required while you use your energy for other things that need your attention as well. You need to focus on resolutions and solutions. Picking faults, crying about what went wrong or only talking about mistakes is a waste of energy. This is a week to apologise and forgive, to make amends and allow connections to heal. Don’t lose someone over your ego.

Gemini: May 22–June 21


Breathe and quit saying as well as doing things that are not in your best interests. Impulsiveness and jumping to conclusions is not a wise move right now. Allow yourself to wait and watch without judging or even assessing. Do not make any big decisions this week if you can push it till next week. Stay in the present and only focus on what’s in front of you. The more you live in the now, the better equipped you will be with information and experience to take key decisions in the coming week. Go with the flow and let life do its thing. You are safe and your desires are in motion.

Cancer: June 22–July 22


Poised to win. If you are gearing up for an important event, that’s the Universe literally telling you that you’ve got this. Something that you have been working towards will bear fruit this week. Be very clear about what you want – money or recognition. Or then if this is about love, be aware of the phase you are in and choose the milestone you want to experience appropriately. An abundant week, there’s a new beginning for some and a very specific kind of good news for others. Life is flowing into the exact energy you have been holding faith for. Step into the light.

Leo: July 23–August 23


Who are you waiting to hear from? Look at your phone. There’s the message. Yes, this whole week will feel exactly like this. You will think of someone and they’ll message or call you. Be careful of how you choose to think of people, especially those who matter. This is not a week to indulge in frivolous gossip or to pick faults. Harsh thoughts and words are energy drainers. Be fair in your assessment of situations and people. This is a week to talk less and do more. The more you stay in action mode, the better you will feel too.

Virgo: August 24–September 22


Focus on yourself. Retreat, take some time off. Rest and watch your health as well as your thoughts and feelings. Do not let fear overpower your energy of abundance. Life is moving in spirals. Upwards or downwards is completely your choice and how you are choosing to see things. There will be many opportunities for you to realign beliefs and heal old wounds. Make full use of these moments. Choose to respond differently and allow your reality to show you the magic that’s already present in your life.

Libra: September 23–October 23


A week of things coming to life again. The more active you are the more things will happen in your life and around your presence. Be careful not to make hasty choices this week. You might be leaning towards making strong decisions. But this week does not hold the kind of energy you need to support these choices. Stay in the present. So what you need to and can. Have faith that things are working out in response to every move you are making. Stand in faith and know that it’s all happening.

Scorpio: October 24–November 22


Go with the flow and allow life to guide you. There’s a beautiful phase in the making. Let life shift your circumstances as is appropriate. Trust your intuition. You are making the right choices and showing up with the right energy at the right places just on time. Ensure that you finish whatever you’ve started. This is not a week for procrastination or leaving things unfinished. Make sure you close conversations and strike things off your to-do list. The stars are aligning and good times are on the way.

Sagittarius: November 23–December 21


You are doing enough and exactly what is needed. Even if you are sitting still, know that that is exactly what you need to be doing right now. Walk away from doubts and this need to keep running. Constantly doing things does not mean you are living more. Life has a pace and you need to align yours to your current reality. Avoid getting into arguments or heated discussions. Allow people to have their say and exhale what doesn’t sit well with you. Ask for help. Reach out and stop trying to do everything on your own.

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